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The BPO Company takes full responsibility in the back office tasks, organizes and increases data consistently and systematically

In the current era of globalization, every one of the businesses require perfect treating their data and data in a handy along with easily accessible manner. The business world will go quite competitive currently and it has become quite difficult for many to devote most of the time and efforts to the perfect therapy for [&hellipRead More

Digital marketing services

 About Us   We are a data entry, and search engine optimization, services company that helps businesses grow worldwide Ask Datatech, ISO 9001:2008 certified, is a leading search engine optimization company based in India that has been delivering top results and exceptional services to its clients around the globe for over a decade. Ask Datatech [&hellipRead More

Here are ways to use web scraping in your business

What about web data extraction: Web scraping is data scraping used for extracting data from websites, portals, public web sites, Yellow pages, White pages, etc…. Data scraping enables you to extract structured data from your browser to a database, .csv file or even Excel spreadsheet. It is a form of copying, in which specific data [&hellipRead More

Data Mining Techniques

      Data mining is an interdisciplinary field of astronomy, business, and computer science, economic and other to discover new patterns from large datasets. Data mining technology can help the insurance firms for taking crucial business decisions. The insurance sector is primarily dependent on customer’s base. The most scenario of any insurance firm, effective [&hellipRead More

Mortgage Process Outsourcing Boosts Revenues of Indian BPOs

Mortgage Process Outsourcing is the new mantra for Indian IT and BPO companies, who expect to double their revenues from this source to $316 million this year from $158 million in 2009, according to a report by HfS. Regulators in the US are tightening the mortgage verification process, and the BFSI sector has spotted the [&hellipRead More

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