Data entry from PDF file

A client requested us to upload product specs from a variety of sources

Our client has an eCommerce site that deals with electronic gadgets and accessories. He is based in Los Angeles in the United States. He sells computers, digital cameras, TV sets, and fridges. It is a one-stop-shop for electronic gadgets.

Clients’ needs

He requested that we collect detailed product specs and provide useful information to the customer. The product specs needed to be accurate, relevant and informative. The client requested that we add images of the product to their website.

How we went about it

  • The client supplied us with a list of the things that they wanted to be done
  • We collected the details from relevant sources including website
  • We collected the required data using our sophisticated equipment
  • We validate the information gathered
  • We sent the collected information to the client for validation


  • It was difficult to get the required information from online sources
  • Getting Product specifications was an issue


Our staff was able to collect the required information and deliver on the client’s needs on time. We uploaded images of products and specifications on the client’s website.

Client’s Feedback

The client was happy with our work. He praised us for accuracy and delivering the project on time. He said that it saved time and money to outsource the task to us. Also, he appreciated our hard work and said that it relieved him from the burden.