Product details from the manufacturer and uploading it to a client’s eCommerce store


Researching on product details from the manufacturer and uploading it to a client’s eCommerce store

Our client sells electronic gadgets and devices from different manufacturers. He owns an eCommerce platform on which he sells the products. He is based in Florida and has a worldwide clientele base that he serves through the eCommerce portal.


The client required that we collect data from different manufacturers and upload the specs details on their eCommerce store. The task at hand entails collecting data from world markets such as eBay, Alibaba, and Amazon. The client wanted us to upload the collected data to their eCommerce store. He also requested that we collect vital information from the manufacturer’s website and upload it on their website so that clients could get all the information they want in one place. He wanted us to collect information on the type of product, the specification and availability of the warranty.

Our procedure 

The client provided a list of equipment and the requirements

We collected and entered the details in excel sheets to make the final transfer easier

Our data entry team uploads the product images and details to the eCommerce site

We perform a quality check to ensure that the job is error-free.

The uploaded product is then sent to the client for consideration. If they recommend changes and adjustments, our staff will make the necessary corrections.


It was difficult to get the product detail from the manufacturers.


We were able to collect the required data before our data entry expert uploaded the details to our client’s eCommerce store.

Client’s response

The client was pleased with the job we did. He commended us for being quick and efficient. He promised to get in touch for a similar task on a new eCommerce website once it is ready.