Navigating Challenges in Catalog Product Data Entry

Navigating Challenges in Catalog Product Data Entry

Running an online store brings about considerable challenges, especially when it comes to entering data for a large number of products in the catalog. Dealing with thousands of SKUs means regularly updating and maintaining the product catalog. Handling these challenges in entering data for catalog products takes a lot of time and effort, demanding a careful approach to make sure customers get accurate and current information.

Common challenges encountered by retailers in entering product data into e-commerce catalogs include:

Ongoing Product Updates

Retailers have to keep updating their product codes (SKUs) based on the type of product and the selling platform. Various factors, such as changes in cost, new product additions, or other reasons, may prompt the need for updates. Managing and adding these items requires a significant amount of time.

Selling Across Multiple Channels

If you’re selling on various platforms like your own customized store, Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces, your main goal is to list your products simultaneously. This can be a challenging task for each channel, as they have their own standards for adding products. For example, Amazon’s product categories are completely different from eBay’s. Uploading products to your custom store differs significantly from the process of catalog product entry on eBay and Amazon. If you use the same method for all channels, your listings may remain incomplete, potentially not meeting your customer’s expectations.

Handling Supplier

Data Many times, the data we receive from our suppliers is not accurate and insufficient for creating product listings. For example, they might spell the color orange as “ORG” instead of “og.” This often demands a significant amount of time to reformat or ensure consistency. This poses a major challenge for merchants as there are numerous such components that need correction before uploading any product batches.

Making the Current Product Catalog Bigger

If your product catalog is messy right now, adding more SKUs can be a tough task. You’ve got two options in this situation. One is to go back and tidy up your SKUs, and the other is to accept having products that don’t match up well. This makes it a big challenge for merchants to grow their product catalog. It needs to be flawless right from the beginning of creating the catalog.

Consistent Data Quality

Maintaining uniformity in data across the entire product catalog can be quite challenging for a seller or merchant dealing with numerous suppliers and listing products on various channels simultaneously. There are frequent issues such as data conflicts, misspellings, missing information, inaccurate descriptions, and attribute discrepancies. To ensure a superior shopping experience for your customers, it is essential to focus on consistent data quality and keep your listings complete, accurate, and reliable.

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