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Ask Datatech provides a range of services that include Data entry, Data conversion, Data processing, and Web research. It also provides Scanning and OCR, SEO, Data scrapping Data capture, Data extraction, and photo editing. To be able to provide all these services, we have invested heavily in both human and capital resources. Our hardworking employees have won us several awards including making the company ISO 9001:2008 certified. We have a competent staff of eighteen employees who ensure that we meet the needs of our customers. Here are the key people that make things work seamlessly at Ask Datatech. Ask Datatech has a team of data entry executives. They perform a wide range of tasks ranging from Data capture, Data processing, Data conversion to Data entry. Some of the company's top executives are:

Managing Partner

He founded the company a few years ago and has seen it grow and expand to its current level. Mukesh Patel holds a postgraduate degree in IT. Patel is an experienced person in the data entry field and has worked in the marketing industry for 16 years. He is responsible for policy formulation as well as the day-to-day running of the company. Patel is a widely traveled person. He has been to the United Kingdom, the United States, and Singapore. While on these foreign trips, he held a variety of meeting with other stakeholders in the industry. His goal is to offer non- core data entry services to both small and medium businesses. He is a motivator and provides supportive leadership to the company’s employees.

Administrative Assistant And Recruiter

She has worked in the IT sector for many years. She holds a master’s degree in Arts and is a valuable asset in IT consultation services. Bhavana is an important person in the firm’s integration process. She works hard to ensure that the company’s processes and employees are seamless. She is also responsible for ensuring that the company’s employees have access to the best technology. She is insightful and has been credited for the company’s recent strings of successes.

A recruitment administrator has to perform both management and administrative responsibilities within a company. They perform all HR-related duties and often handle external and internal clients. The job responsibilities of a recruitment administrator include processing internal arrangements such as travel, training sessions, and team building events, handling internal records, filing company documentation, communicating with recruiters, updating company policies and ensuring legal compliances, handling personnel queries, setting up interviews with prospective candidates promptly.


He is an experienced person in the BPO outsourcing and utilizes the vast knowledge he has gathered in these areas to ensure that all departments at Ask Datatech are functional. He is responsible for the efficient operation of the company and works hard to ensure that it remains profitable all through. His areas of concern include business planning project management and general company success. He is responsible for human resource development, creativity, and coordination of the company’s activities.

Data Entry Executive

He is a computer expert. He has competencies in BPO outsourcing and is currently the BPO manager. Perth is an experienced IT guru and works around the clock to ensure that the company is efficient. He is a liaison person that partners with other workers in seeking new investment opportunities abroad.

Data Entry Executive

His areas of responsibility include corporate development and managing alliances. He is one of the employees tasked with the responsibility of scouting for business opportunities in new markets. He plays a vital role in Ask Datatech’s BPO office.

Data Entry Executive

He also ensures that the company operates efficiently. He is in charge of in-house operations and works with other employees to ensure that the company remains profitable. He has exceptional skills in data conversion and data processing areas.

Data Entry Executive

Sunny Darji is a web scrapping expert. He is answerable to the founder and is responsible for quality maintenance and efficiency on all web scrapping projects being undertaken. He is skilled in web research, data capture, and data entry fields. He is a dedicated employee who supports clients .

Data Entry Executive

He is responsible for editing images to ensure that they meet the client’s specifications. Other than being a specialist in Data capture and extraction, he can also convert images and documents to different formats such as PDF, JPG SVG and many more.

Data Entry Executive

He ensures that forms are processed as per the client’s requirements. His areas of specialization are insurance form processing, health care forms processing and mortgage forms processing. He is also vast in questionnaires and survey form processing.

Data Entry Executive

She is in charge of research operations. This is a vital department that ensures Ask Datatech is equipped with the latest technology and equipment in the data entry field. Pincky is a widely traveled and is abreast of the latest trends in research and data entry.

Data Entry Executive

He is in charge of the IT department. He liaises with the rest of the staff on information technology matters. He has been with Ask Datatech for 5 years and coordinates web research and analysis unit.

Data Entry Executive

She is in charge of business development. Her duties entail coordinating data collection and data processing. Astha is an asset to the business data analysis team. She also doubles as a data entry quality assurance expert.

Head of Communication

This is a data capture expert and is responsible for scanning and OSR tasks. He has a degree in computer science. He also performs OMR and OCR cleanups. Other than being a specialist in Data capture and extraction, he ensures that all clients’ concerns are attended to.

Data Entry Executive

He is the company’s SEO executive officer. Harsh has a post-graduate Diploma in web design and development. He is responsible for content ranking and traffic generation. He is concerned with generating an SEO strategy for each client.

SEO Executive

Shailesh holds PGDE in data analysis. His main responsibility is to analyze data. Besides, he is experienced in Magento data entry and ensures that clients’ eCommerce stores are updated and running. He also manages large amounts of client’s information. He grabbed the Company’s coveted outstanding employee of the year in 2019.

Data Entry Executive

He is Ask Datatech Data entry Executive. He organizes and performs data entry training and coaching. He ensures that the customer’s information is saved in relevant databases. He also compiles and verifies data before it is uploaded to our secure servers.

Other members of the Ask Datatech team are:

Ask Datatech is proud of these employees. They work tirelessly to ensure that the company remains on a growth trajectory. They also ensure that the company remaihttps://www.askdatatech.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=14&action=edit#ns at the top when it comes to data extraction, data processing, data conversion, and data entry services.

  • Quality control team
  • Data entry operators
  • Web scrapping personnel
  • Data analysts
  • Web scarping team
  • Macro Creating team

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