Document Scanning and OCR Company in India

Our services aim at reducing the company and individual costs associated with hard copy practices. We seek to provide you with the convenience of scanning and OCR services at unbeatable fees. Document management is a reality that no business can escape. By subscribing to our services, you give yourself and your staff a chance to focus energies on processes that add value, directly, to what the customers want. Apart from saving time, our scanning and OCR services present you with a two-fold gift hamper.

Why you should talk to Ask Data Tech

One of our primary aims in offering scanning and OCR services to clients across the globe is to establish a long-term relationship of mutual gain. We seek to grow your belief in us and the services we offer. We believe that once you have an internally ingrained belief in us, we shall enjoy our business encounters with you, and you with us.

If you know that your business chain is precious, it is prudent to deal with an experienced scanning service firm such as Ask Datatech. We are dedicated to providing our clients with outsourced scanning services. You do not have to do it at a higher cost when we are a more cost-effective alternative. We handle huge amounts of data with precision and efficiency. In a nutshell, the import of all we do is that we empower our clients to increase their productive capacity. Indeed, a rise in productivity is what a good number of them have given us their feedback. We have been reliably told that the profits have also gone up. The general purpose of seeking scanning and OCR services from us for you is to be sure of what you get at the tail end of your investment.

Our Services

  • OCR services
  • OCR clean-up processing
  • OCR and OMR services
  • Paper scanning and indexing
  • Outsourcing data capture
  • Outsourcing data Mining
  • Accounting sheets and receipts
  • Blueprints or maps
  • Handwritten notes
  • Books and manuals
  • Legal files or documents
  • Bills or invoices
  • Official records (attendance sheets, resumes, etc.)
  • Photographs and artwork

How we do it at Scanning and OCR Services

The foundation of our service is based on a commitment to high-quality scanning service. The process is simple and readily accessible. We firstly receive documents meant for scanning, which include resumes, lease agreements, purchase orders, lists, hospital charts, finance reports, checks, insurance documents, files for litigation, among others. These are usually hard copies of the documents from our client. Once we have received the documents, we convert them to the form and format that our client desires. These documents could be in PDF, tagged images, jpeg among others. Whatever the form and format you wish to have, we have proven experience that will take the burden of the bulk off your back.

What You Should Bear In Mind When Choosing a Service to Provide You with Document Scanning

While it may appear as if scanning is a simple and fast process, you may wish to know that the process is a complex one that requires a range of tools, expertise, and experience. Thus, it may also be painstakingly slow, if the firm you contract is not up to the challenges of the business. Indeed, different documents call for specific scanning devices. Some of the dynamics include the size of the document, the cost involved in producing the scanned document, the quality desired by the client and how fast the document can and should be scanned. The latter variance is made necessarily relevant because the clients will request for scanning, based on a variety of demands and situations. There is a general common denominator in outsourcing scanning services. The more specialized a scanning firm is, the more likely that the cost will be lower than the general providers. Similarly, you would naturally expect a large scanning service provider to have the capacity to offer the service at greater speeds than general and smaller entities. What we all know as outsourced scanning providers is that quality is a key determinant in the growth of our business. Nevertheless, the fact that a great number of people are aware of the fact does not guarantee that they will live by it.


OCR is a shortened form of Outsource Character Recognition. Well, the service is about special technology used to distinguish between printed and handwritten text in images of hard copy documents. The technology is applied to change hard copies of documents into portable document formats. Ask Datatech specializes in the provision of OCR services in the US and beyond. Do not feel left out. We also provide Optical Recognition services to clients overseas. We are backed up by an experienced and highly skilled team. We have also made sure that our OCR devices are cutting-edge products that give our clients the satisfaction they expect. In the end, we make sure that the service that we offer does not get in the way your budget. It is important to note that the equipment we use is the best that the market can offer. In particular, we use integrated Scanning and OCR machines. OCR software is a revolutionary contribution to the industry. The development of the integrated devices has given the industry the leap we much wanted. The new machines are by far more efficient, faster and accurate compared to the earlier systems that required manual operations.

Sticking Ahead Of the Pack

By virtue of the fact that we are driven by client satisfaction and the need to balance the complexities of cost and profit, but still keep our clients happy and services relevant, we suggest that you try our scanning and OCR services. We are the one-stop-shop you need for all the scanning and OCR services that you need. We have a wide range of scanning services to offer. Try us and spread the good news. We provide you with money-back guarantees, just in the unlikely event that we fall short of your reasonable expectation.

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