Ask Datatech is an ISO certified company that offers non-core operation services to businesses and companies. Our goal is to help maximize the organizational office functions. We offer all Data Entry Services at the lowest cost possible. The company is better known for its dependable and honest non-voice outsourcing services in USA, Brazil, Australia, Germany, Canada, and UK. At Ask Datatech, we offer an array of data entry services ranging from Offline data entry to Online Data entry. We also offer PDF to excel for data entry and offshore data entry services. Our goal is to help our customers across the world to fulfill their business needs at a click of a button. Some of the services we offer include:

Data Entry Services

Data entry is one of the most critical aspects of a business. It ensures that data is available for futuristic policy formulation and decision making. It also ensures that data is sorted out and organized so that it can be used in planning. It is for this reason that Ask Datatech has invested heavily in data entry services. The company has both resources and equipment required to enable them to provide data entry services. It ensures that data is available for business operations when needed. The company provides a range of data entry services including sales data entry, research data entry, purchases data entry and many more. It serves companies in the real estate sector, E-commerce, manufacturing, marketing companies and many more.

Ask Datatech serves companies in the USA, UK, Australia, Israel, Europe, Canada and UAE among others. It offers data entry services in the following areas:

All our data entry services are tailored to serve the needs of a wide range of business. We have a trained staff that can customize the services to suit the requirements of your industry

Data Conversion Services

When it comes to data conversion, no company can compare itself to Ask Datatech. We convert files to PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIF, Excel and text formats. We utilize the most advanced software and tools in the market to do the job.

We transfer data from one form to another. We also convert offline data to online data. It makes it convenient for businesses to access such data online. Our prices are affordable and give a chance to have tasks accomplished without overloading your staff. We also offer document conversion and formatting. Our services are efficient and will ensure that you have the data ready in the format of your choice on the agreed dates. Also, we serve clients from all the four corners of the globe. Our team of experts will help you in the following areas:

We also offer tailored document and data conversion services. Here, you will need to talk to our team leaders so that they get to understand how you want your document tailored. Note that our staff is available on a 24/7 basis and will ensure that services are delivered within the timelines.

Data Processing Services

Ask Datatech offers data processing services to help improve companies enhance coordination. The company has a team of qualified personnel that offer image enhancement, insurance data processing, medical and remote data processing. We also capture data and process it according to instructions. We also digitize it. We employ advanced technologies in data processing. As a top data processing company, we are aware that unorganized data can be a source of confusion. It makes it difficult for systems to work efficiently. Thus, we process data and convert it in files that can easily be accessed. This is important in mooting strategies and planning.

Our data processing services are affordable. Besides when you outsource the data processing tasks to us, it allows your business to focus on the core of your business. We offer a host of solution in the data processing department. They include:

We are a reliable offshore data processing company that follows systematic channels in providing data processing services. We collect raw data, sort it out and use advanced techniques to convert it to any form. We are strict in data processing and we will ensure that our output is error free.

Data Scrapping

Data processing is an important service in this time and error. The use of smartphones means that marketers must get information on what customers do. Data scrapping helps them to extract critical information on mobile devices. Ask Datatech will do the crawling for you to provide the data required for planning services. Besides, we extract data from other websites to give your business a head start over your competitors.

To effectively extract data from websites, we deploy python technology. This technology allows us to scrape data from websites using the scrappy tool. We also offer data mining services to help our clients know what their competitors are doing.

Before you price your products, it is important to know what your competitors are doing. So, our web scraping experts will help you to collect intelligent information on pricing and any other information that can help you have aholistic view of your market. It will also allow you to access historical data to help you compare price movement. We use data scrapping techniques that help you track changes and get alerts about movement in prices. Such data is critical in helping you effect price changes. Also, we carry out brand monitoring especially if the product you carry can be discussed on various platforms.

Data Extraction and Data Capture

Data extraction and data capture entail collecting data from a number of sources. It could be collecting data from soft copies or hard copies. It entails collecting data from hand written scripts, records, tapes, microfilms and photographs. The collected data may then be converted to HTML, word, or even text messages. Ask Datatech uses advanced technology to capture all kind of data from various sources. We have a team of professionals that will capture and process data at an affordable fee.

We provide a wide range of data capture and data processing services. Some of them include:

We also capture data on hard copies, receipts and invoices. We carry out scanning, capture check images and scan documents. We serve clients from the UK, New Zealand, Canada, USA and UAE. The data capturing methods are systematic and will look at the needs before processing the information into desired formats. We capture data from suggested sources. We also go the extra mile to research and capture data from other sources. We will then check the captured data, compile it and store it in desired formats.

Form Processing

Ask data tech offers, form processing services. We target forms that contain details or the information that the company needs to improve its service delivery. For instance, companies that collect data on forms may want to store such information in soft copies. Such data may be critical in decision making. It could also be vital in helping the company choose a marketing strategy that works. If you fall in any of these categories, you can outsource the form processing project to us. We will remove this complex task from the shoulders of your staff. It removes the load from you as well and allows you to focus on the core activities of your business. What’s more is that we will process the forms faster and deliver the completed work within the agreed timelines.

We offer form processing services to companies in many countries. We have an office in the USA that serves clients from Canada, UK, Australia and France. We also serve clients in Asia and many other countries in Europe.

Our staff is diligent and will work on and process the following forms:

Scanning and OCR

Sometimes it may require that you convert bulk volume of data from paper to electronic. If you do not have the right equipment, it can be frustrating. Luckily, at Ask Datatech, we use Optical Character recognition technology (OCR) to help print and convert the document into electronic data. We do this without compromising the format and the layout. The technology helps to reduce paperwork and eliminates the need to have storage spaces. It allows us to have all data converted in files that are easy to store and handle. What’s more is that it ensures all the files are available at a click of a button. Having your data in downloadable formats helps improve the efficiency of your business. You will be able to access data anytime and anywhere. It allows you to quickly make decisions on how your business should run.

We offer OCR services to clients in the USA, UAE, Spain, Canada, Australia and many other parts of Europe. Our range of services includes:

Web Research

Web research remains one of the most essential services for businesses. It can help you understand what your competitors are doing to increase their customer base. It entails conducting IT research work to help you collect data from websites and other sources. Ask Datatech has specialists you can rely on for web research tasks. If you are looking for information to help you update your database, we can research and avail the details you need. We will research and avail any type of data you may want quickly. It will save your time and the effort you will need to have this task accomplished.

For businesses that want to establish new markets, we will do the donkey work and give you the details that you need to penetrate the market. Our team of experts will carry out the research and give solutions to help you come up with strategies that will help you capture the market. We use the following techniques to do our search

We carry out the following web researches:

Magento Data Entry Services

If you are running an ecommerce store, you need magento data entry services to upload products and list them on the store. The trouble is that magento data entry tasks are always bulky. So you need a company that offers cheap or affordable services. At AskDatatech, we look at the volume of the work and charge a price that you will pay comfortably. Besides, we have a team of magento data entry professionals that have been doing this work for many years. It guarantees that the final results we give is accurate and of high quality. We also understand how urgent the entries may be. So if you are dealing in products whose price keeps on changing, we guarantee a quick turnaround in updating the prices.

Note that magento data entry is critical in managing inventory. It helps in identifying fast moving products and ensuring that they don’t run out of stock. It is also a critical service that helps in updating product URL. Also, magento data entry services allow us to enhance your product images. It makes the product look real and authentic. To us, the volume of the images that needs to be updated does not matter. We have a team of professionals that you can trust for quality magento services. It gives you enough time to pay more attention to policy formulation and running your business.

Photo Editing

The success of your ecommerce store depends on a host of factors. The images you use may move your business to the next level or retard it. Unfortunately, your site may not have the eye catching pictures you need to catch the eye of potential buyers. If this is the case, you need not worry. Ask Datatech has a team of professional that will give your photos brilliancy and make them eye-catching. We correct blurred images to make them attractive and attract more clicks. We make the photos vibrant and fix problems of distorted colors. Besides, we use photo correction to fix color balance. This is critical in giving the photos the charm they need to attract potential buyers. Our Photoshop experts use sophisticated color correction tools to make them attractive.

Color balance, variation and color correction are our strongest areas. We will enhance the images to give them a new life. Our photograph retouching experts will work around the clock to restore any damaged images. We work on old photos, reconstruct scratched pictures and restore damaged pictures. It does not matter whether you are in the real estate, tourism or product manufacturing sectors. Our photo restoration experts will work on the photos to make them attractive.

SEO Services

If you want to grow your business, you must do everything that can keep them a head of the pack. Our SEO team is committed to helping you reach a wider market. To do this, we work hard to ensure that your business ranks way above your competitors. They are SEO experts that will work on your website to help it rank high. Through link building PPC and SMO, we will ensure that your website is top on Google and other search engines.

We use a blend of SEO tools and tactics that conforms to Google’s guidelines. It to ensure that we deliver positive results as promised. Our experts will study your business and customize our tools to suit your business. We will evaluate your business and realign our strategies to optimize results. Also, we will offer specialized services to give your business the exposure it needs to grow.

All said and done, we will help you with link building including adding appropriate key words depending on your niche. Also, we will subject your website to analysis and make changes to improve its ranking and give your competitors a run for their money. Other services we offer include email marketing where we help your site benefit from social media campaigns. We ensure that it is present on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Data Extraction Service

Data extraction is an important undertaking that can help your business plan and make policies. It entails extracting data from both supplied and researched sources. Such data needs to be filtered categorized and sent to the relevant database. This task is certainly not easy. It is time consuming and could boggle down your staff. But by outsourcing the task to Ask Datatech, you will rest assured that the job will be done at fast. We have a team of highly professionals that will help in organizing and managing your data for the benefit of your business.

We extract data from competitor’s websites, ecommerce websites, financial reports, social media and questionnaires. We also extract data from directories, legal documents and medical reports. Our data operators will work around the clock to ensure that your project is ready at the agreed time. We go the extra mile to help convert the extracted data into useful pieces of information your business needs. We also store this vital data needed for futuristic planning in formats that are easy to retrieve. This makes planning easier so as to give you a head start over your competitors.

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