Data entry outsourcing in Canada

Ask Datatech A Reliable Data Entry And Management Center For Companies In Canada

Ask Datatech is a reliable data entry company that serves companies and businesses in Canada. Whether you are in the wider Toronto, Ontario, Victoria, Quebec, and Ottawa, we guarantee to take the data entry, data conversion, and data processing tasks off your shoulder cheaply. We have delivered our offshore data entry services to both large, small and medium-sized companies in Canada. Our objective has been to help such companies manage huge volumes of data at affordable prices. Also, we aim at helping companies become efficient by allowing them more time to focus on the core of their activities.

Ask Datatech is an ISO 9001:2008 certified data entry company. It prides itself on providing quality services to all her esteemed customers in Canada and other parts of the world. We also ensure that all your data is confidential and protected from third parties.

Our Strong Points

If your business or organization is based in Regina, Whitehorse, Halifax, and Charlottetown, choosing us for data entry, data processing, data conversion, and web research services will help your business to grow. We emphasize on client satisfaction. We have a good accomplishment record that makes our clients happy. No wonder we always have an ongoing project with clients from Canada other parts of the world.

Time Zone

We are based in the U.S., the world’s largest 24-hour economy. We take advantage of this and so when you outsource your data entry and data processing tasks to us, you will be sure that it will be available when you want it. It does not matter whether you want your eCommerce store updated or digitize data on hard copies. We offer data processing services including image processing, image editing, and Magento data entry.

Our Staff

We have a staff that is dedicated to surviving our clients. It is a rigorously trained staff that handles all data entry matters. They will work and complete your tasks on time. Whether you are a media house in Toronto or offer research and survey services to firms in Ontario, they will help you with form processing services to ensure that you meet the expectations of your clients.

Our equipment

Data entry and data processing functions require a state of art equipment. It is the secrete that helps us to meet the goals of our clients. We employ the latest OCR and ICR equipment which ensures that we accurately deliver on all data entry tasks.

Canada is a reputed country. It has one of the most stable and fast-growing economies in the world. So if your business is located in one of its cities and offer services in any of the fields, whether in tourism, financial, or manufacturing sector, we will help you. do not let data entry tasks overwhelm your staff. Data from invoices, receipts, excel sheets, forms, and any other source documents need to be organized and stored in appropriate formats. We offer indexing services, data entry, sorting and data processing. We manage and offer data entry services to organizations in Ontario, Victoria, and Ottawa.

Why You Should Choose Us

We have completed data entry and data processing services for companies in Ontario, Toronto, and Victoria. We have also served organizations in Regina, Whitehorse, Halifax, and Charlottetown area. So when you choose us, we guarantee:

Quality- we have a team of quality assurance experts who will check through your work to ensure that our final output is error-free.

Low cost- when you outsource your offshore data entry and data processing tasks, you save on overhead costs of doing the job in-house. Besides, we offer all our services at affordable rates.
Efficiency- data entry and data processing tasks require accuracy. Our specialized staff will ensure that all the outsourced task is completed on time. Besides, our finished work is always 99% accurate. We also have a quick turnaround and will ensure that all the tasks are completed on schedule.

Data confidentiality – we are ISO 9001:2008 certified and value confidentiality. To this end, we ensure that we treat any data we receive with confidentiality.


If you are in Toronto, Victoria or any other city in Canada, do not hesitate to outsource your data entry and data processing tasks to ask Datatech. We will ensure that we complete the task on time and at 99% accuracy.