Data entry outsourcing in Germany

Why Go For Ask Datatech as Your Data Entry Outsourcing Company in Germany

At Ask Datatech, we are more focused on in our operation and we promise to stick with until you achieve data entry objectives. We have employed people with great understanding of the existing language diversities and will ensure that you get what you deserve. Whether you want to transform and work on your pieces of information in multiple files and media layouts, we will deliver everything according to your specific instructions.

We have, at our disposal, the manpower, skill and the required infrastructure to handle various data entry & management requirements. Whether you live in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt or Hamburg, you can take advantage of our quality services regarding data entry. Considered among the most experienced data entry companies across the globe, we have the ability to deliver not only superb quality but highly competitive results as well.

Our services include:
Data entry activities

At Ask Datatech India, we have sought the services of highly qualified data entry experts with speciality in various fields. As such, we are capable of managing an array of offline and online data entry activities. We can deal with numeric, textual and alphanumerical data. We provide data entry tasks for manuals, surveys, dictionaries, encyclopaedia, questionnaires, MSDS, business reports, market research charts, index cards and payroll services among others.

Massive data processing services

We do understand the importance of delivering work within the right time. In fact, we work through your voluminous data faster than you can imagine. No matter your specific requirements, we will supply you with the layout and structure you ask for. This could include generating email lists for your business. We have tailored our voluminous data processing services to incorporate database and document management, database structuring, database formation and database updating and recovery just to mention a few.

Data conversion activities

Ask Datatech is revered for its unmatched performance when serving its customers in areas such as Cologne, Dresden, Leipzig and other great cities around Germany. We can conduct a variety of data transformation services such as document, ICR, OCR cleaning, XML/CAD/HTML/SGML, OMR conversion, archiving, indexing, PDF conversion and eBook conversion to list a few. You have no cause to look elsewhere as we are also capable of working on various types of input as well as output layouts like Paradox, Dbase, Excel worksheets, FoxPro and text files etc.

Web research

Just as mentioned above, we are indeed your favourite companion in a number of ways. The fact that we have been serving our customers for more than a decade, you can imagine the amount of trust we have built amongst our customers around Germany at large. Our proficient and comprehensive data mining services involve various sections, for instance, specific mailing and URL list compilation, survey and market research, online as well as website-to-website form entry and many more.

Forms processing

Whether you are looking forward to multiple forms processing tasks like, Credit card forms, Market analysis forms, insurance claims forms, survey forms or any other type of forms, just let us know and we will help. At Ask Datatech, we generate a prearranged database from the forms you deliver to us using the latest indexing, data capture, and processing and conversion technologies.
With Ask Datatech at your service, you can count your data entry problems gone forever. You only need to reach to us and we will ensure great and timely service provision. We like to keep our promise by making sure that your business remains relevant in the market. Call us now to find more regarding our data entry dealings.