Data entry outsourcing in United States

The Most Reliable Data Entry Company That Serves the United States of America

The US is the largest world economy. Most of her businesses are successful thanks to their ability to make rational decisions supported by data and statistics. Also, the US has a robust network of businesses in almost all sectors. These businesses generate a lot of data every single day. Such data is vital since it can be used to formulate policies and make decisions. Most data are contained in documents like invoices, receipts, excel sheets, and manual records.

At some point, the data could be enormous. So it must be streamlined, sorted and indexed accordingly. Processing such data requires many labor hours and sophisticated equipment. Whereas it is easy to buy the equipment required to process the data, paying the labor force is extremely expensive. Thus, any company that tries to process all its data in-house will find it expensive. So whether you are based in Washington, New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago, you need a helping hand. Also, we partner with companies in Boston, Oklahoma City, and Atlanta in data entry and processing activities.

We have helped many businesses reap the benefits of outsourcing. We take data entry and data processing off their shoulders. This is critical in helping them to focus on the core activities of their business. We also offer cheap data entry related activities such as web research, form processing, and SEO services. We do it at reduced prices. It helps companies save more than 40% of the cost they would incur if they were to do all this activity indoors.

Here is a list of some of the data entry services you can outsource to us.
  • Image data entry
  • Catalog data entry
  • Product data entry
  • Document data entry
  • Medical data entry
  • Legal document data entry
Why Choose Us

We are a reliable and trusted data entry company in the US. We have served thousands of clients in the US cities and even beyond. Besides, we offer services in almost all sectors. We serve the real estate sector, the health sector, the transport sector, and the oil industry. Also we offer our services to the insurance sector, the banking industry, and the logistics sector.

We deliver consistent and accurate data entry services cheaply. Ask Datatech can serve large, small and medium-sized companies. When you choose us to manage your data, we take the task off your shoulder so that you can focus on improving your business productivity.
We are ISO 9001:2008 and committed to providing reliable and accurate services. Also, we ensure that the security of your data is guaranteed. Our staff will handle any assigned task professionally and will never allow it to fall in the hands of third parties. To achieve this, we create a special login to ensure that each document you upload is safe. It also ensures that any finished work can easily be downloaded from our servers.

Quick turnaround- Ask Datatech has a team of professionals that are highly trained. The team is also technologically ready and uses ICR and OCR technology to enhance the accuracy of their final work.

Customer satisfaction- we have operated in the US for a long time and we understand how important customer satisfaction is. So we will check the task for accuracy to ensure that we maintain our 100% satisfaction rate.

Ask Datatech to serve companies in different industry verticals. As such, we guarantee that your data entry and processing needs will be met whether you are in the medical, automobile or legal industry. Call us now and let’s discuss how we can partner with you.