File Conversion

Outsource File Conversion Service

At Ask Datatech, we offer our customers a wide range of data conversion services. File conversion entails converting info from one file version to another. The process is necessitated by the need to make file data compatible with other applications. The file conversion process spans a wide range of tasks. It includes importing files, to more advanced tasks that involve importing, cleaning, validating and separating unrelated data to independent databases that aid relational designs. The conversion of data can consume plenty of time for your business. That is why Ask Datatech decided to put up a business outfit that seeks to meet businesses at their point of need. We offer a wide range of data entry services including file conversion and more. Save yourself from the extra cost and many hours of work by checking out our virtual data entry services.

File Conversion Services We Offer

  • Converting data from data bases
  • Fast image scanning
  • Data capture
  • PDF to MS Word
  • MS Word to PDF
  • Conversion form processors
  • OCR to CD
  • We compile data in PDF from a wide range of sources.
  • Page Maker to PDF
  • Conversion of handwritten data
  • Conversion of text to PageMaker
  • MS Word to HTML
  • OCR and scanning
  • PDF to Ms Excel

Why outsource file conversion to Ask Datatech?

Our data entry services are fine-tuned to make sure that we provide our customers with the ultimate service they deserve. Unlike other organizations that pay leap service to their clients by compromising quality and breaking their promise of timely deliveries, Ask Datatech has learnt from these developments that the customer needs are inspired by the broader goal to grow their business. So we partner with you to help you achieve your business growth objectives. Our data conversion and other services have been proved to be the best or at least among the pitch best. We deliver accuracy levels of 99.99%. We also undertake data entry and conversion of a wide range of data forms. We even accept handwritten data. We aim to save you time and money. Indeed, we seek to reduce your running costs as much as possible. Our clients are known to save on costs by a margin of between 65 to 75 %. Any business entity will smile at this possibility. How else does a business increase its overheads anyway! With Ask Datatech, your data is guaranteed quality and integrity.

Going the Extra Mile

One other concern that we attend to, which ensures that our services are pitched to market needs is privacy. Do not contract your data entry and conversion services to a firm that does not care about your privacy. Some firms engage in unethical practices including sharing private information with third party entities. On the contrary, Ask Datatech has an elaborate privacy policy that protects all our customers from unwanted access to their data. Once you engage us, we enter a binding privacy contract that lapses after we deliver your project. Also, we have a standby customer services wing to attend to all your queries and concerns on 24/6 basis.

Keeping on the Technology Edge

Apart from the customer confidence measures, we have established a formidable manpower team with skills to handle your data entry needs. We have also invested heavily in cutting edge technologies. Our data handling tools are tweaked to match a wide range data needs. We can handle both bulky and small data quantities. Besides, we can convert electronic data to all desired file formats that you request. Whether you are within the USA boundaries or beyond, our file conversion services are accessible at unbeatable fees. What’s more, we offer great discounts to our customers. If you are a new customer, we offer you free access of between 7 to 8 hours to our services. We promise to give you the ultimate data entry outsourcing experience with a backup, just to make sure that you are always protected from the unforeseen data accidents.

Ask Datatech gives you a chance to enjoy your work while increasing your overheads. We embrace teamwork in our file conversion and other services.