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Data Entry Services

We offer a full line of data entry services to our clients including; business data entry, image data entry, medical and insurance claims data entry, online data entry and offline data entry, remote desktop data entry and outsource Excel data entry. Our experienced outsourcing professionals can incorporate all types of content data and text and then will combine our data entry services with other services such as data conversion in order to provide you with the full scale of back office work required by the client. If you want the best data entry services with guaranteed accuracy then the services of Ask Datatech may be just what you have been looking for. We double check each project for accuracy and ensure that you are 100% happy with the back office data entry services of our team of professionals.


Data entry is an essential service this day and age with professional data entry workers currently working in a side variety of businesses from medical facilities to law firms. Anytime those accurate records are needed, data entry services are required. When you choose Ask Datatech for all of your data entry needs you can feel confident knowing that we will always keep all of your data completely confidential. When you make the choice for outsourcing your companies data entry needs you can enjoy quality accurate work at a competitive rate that simply can’t be matched.

Some of the many data entry services provided by Ask Datatech are:

  • Data Entry From PDF Files
  • Data Entry Outsourcing
  • Electronic data entry
  • Hard copy data entry
  • Data entry verification for paper documents
  • Online / Offline Data Entry Service
  • Offshore Data Entry
  • Data Entry Into Online Systems
  • Image Entry
  • Insurance Claims Data Entry
  • Data Capture From Emails
  • Data Entry From Scanned Documents
  • Numeric Data Entry
  • Automated Data Entry
  • Data Entry From Various Forms
  • Legal Data Entry Services
  • Data Entry From Online Data Sources
  • Medical Data Entry
  • Medical Billing Data Entry
  • Remote Data Entry
  • Questionnaire Data Entry
  • Survey Data Entry
  • Data Entry From Handwritten Documents
  • Online Insurance Data Entry
  • Excel Data Entry
  • Internet Data Entry
  • Handwritten Data Entry
  • Data Entry of Scanned Images
  • Data Entry and Document Conversion
  • Data Entry of Legal Documents
  • Book Keeping & Accounting
  • Form Etc. into DB or Excel Format
  • Business Transaction Data Entry
  • Data Entry from Printed Media
  • Online Form Entry & Submission
  • Indexing, sorting, pasting & Copying
  • Data Entry of Yellow/White Pages
  • Data Entry of Handwritten & Printed Material
  • Data Entry of Insurance Claim Forms
  • Data Entry of Company Reports
  • Data Entry of Surveys
  • Data Entry of Questionnaires
  • Data Entry of eBooks
  • Catalog Data Entry
  • Data Entry of mailing Lists
  • Data Entry of Text & Numeric Data
  • Database Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Product Data Entry for Magento
  • Data Entry of Scanned Client Forms
  • Data Entry into QuickBooks
  • Data Entry of Job Skills
  • Internet Research & Website Entry
  • Convert PDF Docs to Word Docs
  • Data Entry of Real Estate Website
  • Online Data Entry through Remote Server
  • Internet Research & Data Entry
  • Data Scraping
  • Data Entry of Mailing Addresses
  • Pull Data from Websites or URL List
  • Type Data into Spreadsheets
  • Online Research & Data Entry to Excel
  • Data Migration into Magento Website
  • Create Excel or MS Access Database
  • School Research & Data Entry into Excel
  • Creation of Competitor Analysis Database
  • Migration of Products from Magento Website
  • Creation of Backlinks through Forum Posting
  • Data Entry in Magento Website
  • Data Entry of Survey forms, Legal forms
  • Extracting Details from Business Cards
  • Create Website names list & Enter into Excel
  • Data Entry of Manuals & Dictionaries
  • Data Entry – Enter Addresses into an Excel
  • Hand Written Data Entry

We are a highly experienced full service back office and data entry service provider based in Ahmadabad, India with branches in Australia, USA and the UK offering services in the areas of data entry, data processing, data conversion, forms processing, web and internet research, OCR and scanning. We utilize only the latest technology and all work is supported by our in-house programmers and quality control staff so you can rest assured that our services are top notch!

Our data entry professionals will provide you with the best data entry service available on the market today and best yet; our prices are reasonable and affordable. You provide us with the details about what data entry services you need and the timeline for which they need to be completed and we will provide you with the most accurate data entry possible in a quick and timely manner. Whether your data entry job is large or small, we will analyze your project and determine the requirements needed to complete your data entry project within the predetermined amount of time.

Each project is unique and we will take the time to discuss all of the pertinent details with you to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the quality of our work. We ensure the highest level of accuracy and provide a variety of different turnaround times based on your needs. Whether you need next day delivery or prefer our standard 1-2 day or 1-2 week options; we are here to help you!

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We received a professional, accurate and timely service for the large amount of translation from pdf to xlsx we needed for easier analysis. Ask Datatech and Mukesh were to easy to work with and Ask Datatech deserves this strong recommendation. Thank you. — Mr. Derek Ashford (UK)
Ask Datatech as pleasant to work with, delivered on time, followed instructions/requests well, and output was delivered in a professional format. Overall I was very pleased and would not hesitate to use Ask Datatech again for our future project. Excellent work - finished before due date, 100% accurate. — Mr. David (UK)
We utilized the services of Ask DataTech to undertake data capture work for one of our corporate websites which served specials and deals from leading retailers to a South African audience. Mukesh employed a very professional work ethic and along with his team, worked very hard to produce exceptional levels of quality and service delivery to us. Mukesh communicates very well and flagged issues as they arose, proving trust and full transparency in his business relationship with us. His team did an outstanding job producing top quality work and accurate data capturing services. I recommend Mukesh and his team for any data capture services which may be required by any business or organization. — Melissa Simpson
Thank you Mukesh Patel (Ask Datatech Data Entry India) for all your help converting our PDF price lists into Excel format. Your customer service and price was exceptional and we will definitely be recommending your company to others. — Bethany Lexatonia
Ask Datatech team did excellent work of collected "Real Estate" database for all States of USA and we will use Ask Datatech for our regular update data management project , I am happy with the increased sale and the way of your company’s work - I'm very pleased with Ask Datatech. Everything looks wonderful. Job well done. — Mr. Erich (USA)
Good news...your team has passed our level 1 testing phase! The results on the data you input on our first special section test came back within an acceptable range and our CEO is pleased with your performance! Congratulations! He is requesting though that we extend our work together into a 2nd testing phase, where we would want to see deliverability percentages and volume of leads per researcher increase. I'll see if John can explain and get you some specifics in where improvement can be made regarding deliverability. We ask that you look to increase the testing staff by qa maximum of 3 researchers next week, so a goal of 1,200 leads per night could be reached and eventually exceeded with a maximum of 6 Researchers. I'll estimate that the extended testing period would be for an additional 2 weeks, beginning the week after next. If acceptable, could you find and train 3 more researchers to begin the task of inputting a goal of 1,200 leads per shift consistently starting on or around November 30, 2015? — Elaine Horn - USA
Thank you so much for the work completed...I am still looking into other stuff that I can send to you plus I am trying to convince other friends to use your service since you are really doing a great job! — Mr. John (UK)
It has been a pleasure working with Ask Datatech. We have been doing database work with them and they are 100% reliable and their work is very percise. I highly recommend them. — Mr. Scheiner. NY.
Thank you once again - you are doing a good job again. — Mr. Jason (UK)
I am a forensic psychologist and needed an online search and subsequent database created. Askdatech was prompt and efficient in getting the job done. After doing a a quality control check, I would certainly use their services again and recommend them to others. — Dr. Randall Wallace (USA)
I just wanted to thank you for helping us on this assignment. I am personally going to put a note in to our national team to make sure we use your services on all these deals. We will have much more business coming your way in the near future, thank you — Timothy Brousse - USA
Ask Datatech is fast, reliable, and honest. We have used them in the past and will continue to use them in the future. We highly recommend. — Joann @ Marketing Team
Our company feels happy to work with Ask Datatech Team. We are fully satisfied with your data entry services that is continually meet our changing needs. I must recommend your services and dedication towards our works. Excellent work done by Ask Datatech. — Mr. Robertson (USA)
Ask Datatech completed our work very quickly (within just a few days) and were very thorough in following up through all stages of the project to ensure that the final data was in the form we needed. I would not hesitate to use them again. — Mr. Brian
Ask Datatech made my first experience with offshore data entry a successful process which I plan to repeat many times in the future. The work Ask Datatech produced alleviated any concerns I had about whether a company half-way around the globe could meet my data entry needs. — Mr. Terry Desher (USA)
Ask Datatech works both promptly and professionally. We praise them for their excellent job of our image scanning, OCR and proof-reading project and I would most definitely use them in future for our other projects. — Mr. Adrian Leonard (UK)
I am having a couple other people in our organization review these. On the surface, they look very good. Their team is efficient and professional and has helped me to grow our business tenfold! — Mr. Rose (AUSTRALIA)
Thank you very much for your excellent work on my Ecommerce web site Store. I am happy with the increased sale and the way of your company’s work. — Mr. John Loughridge (AUSTRALIA)
I’m glad to certify that the service previously specified, has been fully and perfectly executed on time in compliance with the terms of the contract of Digitization of 8 data for each nominative contained in 29 folders of digital images (530,000 nominatives). In our opinion Ask Datatech is a reliable and competent partner. — Mr. Rinaldi
Working with Mukesh from Ask Datatech has been a very good experience for me. They quickly understood our requirements and consistently they performed very fast and well. Date Entry India is very reliable partner. — Mr. Rogler (Germany)
I am happy with the data that was provided in the worksheet by Ask Datatech team. I am sure I will be able to provide you with more work in the very near future. — Corey Uma - Australia
Ask Datatech was extremely professional and responsive and was eager to learn new things to get the project completed in accordance with our quality standards. I will certainly be hiring them again for future projects. Beautiful work!! Your company is terrific. — Mr. Richards (USA)
Ask Datatech completed my PDF to Excel conversion/data entry project quickly and with no errors. I highly recommend Ask Datatech. — Charlie L./Dallas, TX
We have worked with Ask Datatech for almost 2 years and Ask Datatech always deliver accurate results, very quickly and at a competitive cost. — Ben Cosh (UK)
We are very pleased with the quality of work Ask Datatech provided for us. They were able to meet our project requests accurately and quickly and we will definitely outsource future projects to Ask Datatech. — Ms. Massey
We used Ask Datatech for some data input and analysis in excel. There was a lot of data to be input and Ask Datatech was extremely efficient in getting the job done in double quick time and at a very reasonable cost. We will certainly use their services again and highly recommend them to other users with excel data input requirements. — Grant - South Africa
Ask Datatech made an excellent transcription work for my historical research. Despite the low quality of the original photographs, the service provided was very accurate... — Dr. Artola
“We had the opportunity to use Ask Datatech for a project we needed and found their service and efficiency to be excellent. We will definitely use them again!” — Ms. Graham - Tempe, AZ 85281
"Fantastic work, Accurate and Very Very Quick. Well done on a great job. Will be working together again in the future!" — Tom McFlynn (AUS)
You have done a fantastic job. I really enjoy working with you and am looking forward to continue working with you on this project. — Mr. John (USA)
Ask Datatech did a great job with my image editing project. The results are truly impressive and have certainly fulfilled my highest expectations. Communications were great. Well done. — Mr. Patsy OConnor (CANADA)
we perceived Ask Datatech as a very reliable partner and were able to outsource various tasks. they delivered fast results in an excellent quality. This enabled us to save internal resources and to continue focusing on our operating activities. we will gladly consider Ask Datatech for further projects again. — gabriel grob
Amazing company! Great service. Fast turnaround time. Very accurate. Highly Reccomended! — Mr. Shoab - USA
Dear Mukesh, thanks ! All volumes done and your work has been very good, no complaint of work and got 99.99% accurate data more than 530000 records from PDF file to Excel sheet from Ask Datatech Team!!! Very Happy!!! — Mr. Amo Conti (Italy)
Ask Datatech India conducted a mass data extraction for Dealsy, and did a fantastic job. Their communication was top class and the data was clean and pretty much ready to use when it was sent to us. I will recommend their services and continue to use them in the future. — Mr Pang
Thanks for completing the project. Everything went smoothly. I was especially satisfied with the quality control you put into the coding. Checking with me number of times until we got it exactly right. — Mr. Todd Gerstein USA
Mukesh and the team at Ask Datatech have been fantastic to work with! What set them apart was their responsiveness - more than building our database into MS Access file, Mukesh was available throughout the entire process providing input and suggesting how to improve our online Database. He constantly went above and beyond. I'm so glad we went with Ask Datatech on this project! — Mr. Ronlly (USA)

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