Book Data Entry Services

Book  & eBook Data Entry Services

If you have already written a book, converting it into an ebook could earn you more revenue. Unfortunately, many good writers end up losing a lot of passive income by selling a printed book only. At Ask Datatech, we have a trained staff that will help convert your book into an ebook. It allows you to sell both the traditionally printed book and the ebook. Also, we can covert white papers, catalogs, articles, and even brochures into an ebook. It becomes easier for you to share the book on social media and burn it on CD and DVDs.

Why outsource book data entry services to Ask Datatech?

We have a well-trained staff and use advanced equipment. We also have resources that allow and enable us to produce error-free data entry work. We have offices in the UK, Europe, Asia, and the USA. We are experienced in ebook data entry tasks and our team of experts is just a click away. It explains why we have converted millions of printed materials into eBooks. Whether your book is in printed or scanned format, we will convert it into an ebook. We then upload it on our FTP servers meaning that you will be able to download it and distribute it the way you want. Also, we are knowledgeable in creating HTML, Quark, MS Word, Frame maker and HTML files.

At Ask Datatech, we adhere to a very strict quality assurance process. It increases the level of accuracy of our work. Also, it helps us to provide our customers with downloadable formats that are easy to share. Our methods are secure and ensure that your ebook does not get in the hands of unauthorized persons. To this effect, we will provide you with a secure login. It will allow you to log into our servers and upload any document that you want us to use to prepare your ebook.

When you choose to work with us, we will convert your work into an ebook cheaply. Our charges are always 40 % less than the price you can get on the market. Also, we have a fast turnaround and we ensure that we finish your work within the agreed timelines. Also, we guarantee a 99 % accuracy.

Other than converting written work into ebooks, we use Optical Character Recognition device. It ensures that our final product is 99% accurate. Also, we format digital literal work into ebooks. We also proofread written work to ensure that it is error-free. Besides, At Ask Datatech, we will convert the book into transferable electronic formats. It allows you to upload and share over many channels including social media.

Benefits of outsourcing e-book data entry services

  • It gives you a chance to sell it to billions of online readers globally.
  • I is possible to store it in the cloud. It means that you can never lose it even when everything you own goes up in flames.
  • You become an educator since the book can be circulated globally. It can be used for learning and research work
  • You enjoy prices that are highly subsidized
  • You benefit from our state of art equipment and technology
  • It allows us to customize data entry services to meet your needs

Our offshore data entry team is highly trained for data entry tasks. It will handle each piece of your work professionally. Each one of them is proficient in at least two languages. They speak and write Spanish, French, English, and Germany. It means that language will no longer be a barrier to your dreams. Send your work in any of these languages and we will translate it to the language you want. It will help to make your work go viral and be read by many people across the globe.

As we do all this, we ensure that quality is not compromised. Ask Datatech will do all your book data entry work at the lowest possible cost. Contact us now and let us discuss how we can help convert your literary work into an ebook.