Data Entry Outsourcing Companies in UK

Outsourcing data entry services in UK

Outsourcing data entry services allows you to cut down on cost. It reduces the number of employees on your premises and removes the boring and repetitive data entry tasks from your docket. Also, it allows the mundane repetitive task to be performed by experts.  Ask Datatech is among the leading Data Entry Outsourcing Companies in UK that allows you to delegate data entry tasks and state datelines that are convenient for you. It allows you to dictate the medium through which the completed task should be delivered.

It means that you will no longer need to worry about data security. We have put in place tight measures which eliminate data breach. We allow you to upload and download your files to our secure FTP servers to mitigate against data breaches. We are among the Data Entry Outsourcing Companies in UK that continue to deliver fast and accurate data entry services to businesses in the United Kingdom. Besides, we ensure that your data does not get its way into the hands of third parties.

Why choose us?

If you are interested in working with a data entry company in UK with a well trained staff and equipment, try us.  We ensure the accuracy of data entry services to all our clients. We are the most flexible yet competitive company that you can outsource data entry tasks to. We deliver unrivaled quality and our standards are proven across a range of data entry projects. We have a third eye that checks the completed project to ensure that we deliver on all our promises.

No job can be too big for us. We will discuss the details online and provide an unbeatable quotation. We have massive experience and we have worked on data entry projects for over two decades. So we give you a chance to take advantage of our unrivaled services. When it comes to the security of your data, no company in the UK can beat us. Our procedures and technology have been audited and we are ISO certified. We provide secure uploads and download of unprocessed and processed data respectively.

Here are some of the services you will get if you choose to work with Data Entry Outsourcing Company in UK:

  • Files and book data entry
  • Catalog and Magento data entry
  • Day to day data entry of transaction, payroll, sales, and purchase document
  • Data entry from directories and yellow pages
  • Collecting data, scanning, and OCR
  • Digitize hardcopies to MS office.
  • Entering bills and receipts into excel sheets
  • Converting manuscripts into MS word
  • Rewriting data and information to required formats.

We started offering data entry services in India but we realized that most of our clients were from the UK. So we decided to spread our wings to the United Kingdom so that we can deliver quality IT solutions and data entry services to the UK market.

What we do

We specialize in an array of data entry services that include capturing and digitizing as well as processing data. We process web forms, scanned images, emails, fax, and any data entry tasks. This is meant to ensure that your staff is free to focus on the core of your services.

At Ask Datatech, We understand that small businesses have limited in-house capabilities. As such, it becomes expensive to acquire the equipment required for data entry services. But, by outsourcing the tasks to us, we make things better for them. We ensure that the task is completed accurately and within the agreed timeline. We give you unlimited access to a team of experienced operators and advanced technology to choose from.

We serve clients in more than 50 countries including the UK.  We are consistent in what we do and will ensure that we deliver high-quality work consistently. We capture data from a variety of sources including the printed hard copies. Ask Datatech has a team of well-trained data entry operators and quality control staff. The QC staff performs the proofreading, editing and ensure that the quality of the work we send to clients is 100% accurate.

Indeed, Ask data tech offers unlimited spectrum of data entry services. We provide error-free and accurate information that will exceed your expectations. Our work will meet your industry criteria.