Offline Data Entry Services

Outsource Offline Data Entry Services

More and more businesses are upgrading to digital platforms. As a result, the number of paper record documents that must be compiled and converted into digital formats has increased. As such, it may not be possible for your in-house staff to do the data entry tasks. This is where offline data entry comes in. The data must be digitized so that it becomes available at the press of a button. Ask Datatech is a leading off-line data entry services provider. We pride in timely completion of such tasks and our output is always 100% accurate. You can outsource all your offline projects to a team that is responsible and available on 24/6 basis.

What We Do

We are committed to helping your business focus on what it does best. We provide cost-effective data entry services to clients across the globe. They include capturing data and entering it in your preferred formats. Also, we process receipts, prepare mailing lists, and invoices. We also carry out online data entry of catalogs. Ask Datatech performs specialized data entry of legal documents, business cards and e-books. We also process data entry from all the source documents as per the client’s instructions. Besides, we offer data entry service in multilingual languages. So we can prepare documents in English and other foreign languages.

Range of Services Offered Under Offline Data Entry Services:
  • Excel Sheet Filling and MS Word Document Data Entry
  • Catalog Data Entry
  • Labels Entry
  • Offline Form Processing
  • Offline Order Processing
  • Handwritten Documents
  • Offline Data Capture
  • Offline data Entry from survey forms
  • Offline data Entry in image file
  • Offline Data Entry from paper/books
  • Business Cards Data Entry
  • Offline entry of insurance claims
  • Digital Document OCR

We accept input data from a wide range of sources. They include handwritten documents, hard copies, and other scanned images. We sort out the data and enter it in client requested formats. The most requested formats are excel sheets, data programs, and word documents. Before the output is submitted to the client, it goes through our quality assurance team. The team checks and corrects any exiting errors. The file is then saved in the requested format and send to the client.

We have a team of dedicated employees we can deploy to work on your project. Also, we have the infrastructure that allows us to carry out all data entry tasks at a reduced cost. We go out of the way of normal data entry providers. We offer auxiliary services such as indexing and verification or data. We mine data from payrolls, forms, images, and lists. Ask Datatech is ISO-certified. It has provided data entry services to fortune companies at a cost-effective price.

When you outsource data mining tasks to us, we adhere and follow the non-disclosure agreements. It ensures that such data is confidential and cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons. Our security procedures are modeled around the industries best practices. Thus, you can rest assured none of the documents entrusted into our hands can be seen by third parties.

At Aks Datatech, we handle both online and offline data entry services. We serve companies from all sectors and we can handle projects of all sizes. We complete millions of documents annually. So, we assure and guarantee you a fast turnaround at highly reduced prices. Our quality of our work is always high since we have experts from the major fields including health, legal and commercial sectors.

Benefits of Outsourcing Offline Data Entry Services

If you decide to hire an in-house team to carry out offline data entry tasks, you will likely spend more money. You will need to provide space and maintain the staff. You will also spend money on buying the equipment required to do the job. Unfortunately, such equipment will always lie idle once the task is completed. So in a nutshell, you end up spending more money by doing the job using the exiting employees.

But when you outsource the task to us, the job will be done by experts meaning that you are guaranteed of quality. Besides, it saves your employees from helping in performing data entry duties. It allows them to focus on the core of their business. Also, when you outsource the task to us, it takes the supervision burden off your shoulders. This is critical since it enables you to focus on the core of your business. You will have more time to focus on activities that have a direct impact on ROI and growth. So, get in touch now and let’s discuss how we can get started