Restaurant Menu Data Entry Services

Restaurant Menu Digitization Services

As the world’s population increases, so it is necessary to have eating facilities that meet the needs of clients. Thus digitization of restaurants has made it easier for the food and service industry to make decisions and serve their customers better. This makes restaurant menu data entry service critical to the survival of businesses in the hospitality industry. Ask Datatech provides restaurant and hotel menu data entry to help investors built a menu that is visually appealing.

We customize the menu as per the restaurant’s needs. Besides, we ensure that your presence online is magnificent. At ask Datatech, we have a team of trained experts that will work around the clock to ensure that you have cuisine and menu with a detailed description of all the foods you serve.

When you outsource the restaurant data entry tasks to us, we will categorize your food items and describe them for you. It will relieve you of the burden and allow you pay more attention to your business core activities. We know how to create a customer-friendly menu that can move your business to the next level.

Ask Datatech offers hotel and restaurant data entry services. But we will tailor and customize it to your needs. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • General restaurant data entry
  • Menu formatting services
  • Menu format conversion services
  • Menu card template designing services
  • Handling daily orders and tracking them
  • Menu data entry solutions with OCR
  • Data capture services
  • Scanning menu cards

How we perform the task

When you assign the task to us, our team of experts will prepare a workflow before they start working on your data. Here is our step by step process.

  • We accept files from clients in PDFs, eFax, Images and scanned files through the FTR or email.
  • We analyze the documents to understand the requirements and choose an appropriate data entry method
  • We use the manual method or OCR to convert the data into digital format
  • Our quality assurance team verifies the results and checks the completed file against the standards and client requirements.
  • Once our QC team is satisfied with the job done, we upload the file to our secure server

Benefits of outsourcing menu data entry services

It is very hectic to handle huge volumes of data by yourself. So Ask Datatech will help you format and convert the data into relevant formats. It helps you to have enough time to think about how you can better your restaurant.

  • We have the right tools that allow us to help online restaurants convert their menu into digital formats
  • You spent less when you outsource the task compared to having the job done in-house.
  • You get your data entry and data conversion task performed using state of art technology and equipment.
  • It reduces delays and helps to have your data entry tasks completed on time.

Ask Datatech is a trusted restaurant data entry company. It provides excellent results to clients across the world. The company offers services to clients in the US, UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia. It has a team of experienced data entry operators that will handle all your digitization projects professionally. They will cater for all your needs using the most advanced but latest technology. We have all the resources and equipment needed to accomplish restaurant menu data entry at affordable prices.

Why should you digitize your menu?

The modern consumer makes buying decisions online. They buy and reserve rooms online. If you have a digitized online menu, you get a fraction of these clients.

It is easy to have the menu in multilingual and helps to serve the international community better.

Thus, if you are looking forward to improving your online sales, consider digitizing your restaurant menu. Contact us today to discuss the procedure and obtain a free quote.