Resume Formatting

Why Choose Ask Datatech for Resume Formatting

Presenting a well-formatted resume is the only thing that can help make your job-seeking journey less painful. It helps you to pitch the right skills and professional experience and convince the potential employer that you are the right candidate for the job. The resume should demonstrate your capabilities and organizational skills. It should help you to convince your employer that you are more organized than the other applicants.

Resume formatting entails outlining the job seekers’ strong points chronologically. It helps to convince the employer that you are the right candidate for the interview. It should also convince them that you are the best candidate for the job and speed up the selection process.

At ask Datatech, we provide resume formatting services intended to help a candidate stand out from the crowd. We create an appropriate design layout and restructure the resume to suit a particular job profile. Our resume formatting services aim at eliminating issues such as design layout and restructure the resume to suit a specified job profile, visual formatting, and alignment. It also entails phrasing sentences, enhancing sentence structures, and highlighting the most critical aspects of your resume.

In summary, when we receive the CV from the client, we:
1. Check and align the layout
2. Rephrase sentences
3. Change the font and the size
4. Proof read to eliminate errors
5. Highlight strong points

Ask Datatech has a team of highly skilled professionals who will look at your requirements and listen to your story. They will format your resume to enable you to find favor in the eyes of employers. Besides, they will check and modify all the aspects of formatting to give your CV a professional look. We know that finding a perfect job could be challenging, but our team of experts will put their minds together and format the resume so that it makes it clear to potential employers that you cannot be ignored.

At AskDatatech, we have three resume formats to choose from. It all depend on your industry and career. When you choose us to do the formatting job for you, we will use any of the following formats:
• Functional
• Chronological
• Combining both functional and chronological aspects

We choose a format to use depending on the positions you will be seeking. We are also aware that some formats work better for specific jobs. For instance, a person with an employment gap and who has been hopping from one job to another is likely to catch the employer’s eye if we use a functional format. The format emphasizes more on skills than linear job experience. But for individuals with a clear progression in their career, the combination or chronological format could be the best option.

Also, we choose the format to use depending on your work experience and career level. Besides, we choose a format that is suitable for you. Depending on the details available. Also, we chose a format that can limit the length of your details to two pages. Here are some of the things we do when formatting your resume.

Resume Alignment
We ensure that your resume is aligned to the left to make it easier for people to read it. Also, we keep the content on one page, which is the standard length of a resume. It allows the employer or hiring managersto review the content quickly. But for people with more than ten years of experience, and those preparing a resume for management, a two paged CV will do.

The font
We use the recommended fonts like Georgia, Book Antiqua, Calibri, Arial narrow, and Cambria.

Font size
We choose a font size of between 10.5 and 12. This is meant to make reading the resume easier.

Ask Datatech is experienced in resume formatting. It does not matter the industry you are in and your career. We will always have something that could help bring out your strong points. We will help you to get noticed by hiring managers. Also, we will give your resume the professional touch it needs to remain at the top. Our objective is to make the employer want to see and hear from you at the interview level.