Business Data Entry Services

Business Data Entry

Ask Datatech provides data entry service in a wide range of data capture and entry areas. One of our specialties is in business data entry service. We provide business card data entry services ranging from directories, researches of various kinds, accounting documents, financial reports, payroll, and forms for registration, air tickets and more. Our expertise also spans the areas of medical billing conversion of OCR, Web Page Conversion, web maintenance, claims of insurance and eBooks.

The Span of Our Data Entry Services at Ask Data Tech

  • We provide a broad range of data entry services apart from the common
  • Data capture from hard copy documents like paper
  • Data entry from eBooks
  • Data entry relating to business transactions
  • Data capture of the yellow pages
  • Completing surveys online
  • Completing of responses to surveys by customers
  • Entry of catalogue data
  • Translating data into a range of applications such as PageMaker
  • Listing data from a range of websites
  • Capture of data from the white pages
  • Mailing list data entry service
  • Typing manuscripts
  • Entry of business card data into a wide range of choice formats

How It Is Done

Business data entry also commonly referred to as business card data entry involves a wide range of data handling processes. In effect, the process involves transcription and translation of data from a computer or to a computer program. Some data entry services commonly used and outsourced include documents that are published, spreadsheets information on the market, codes for computer programs, contact data and programming coders for computers. We know that anyone deployed for a data entry project must be conversant with the subject process. We seek to save you from through common and often embarrassing typological mistakes that other firms ignore. Our internal quality assurance team is up o the task and makes sure that the projects we deliver to our customers are in line with accepted quality level standards. Thus, any data entry service that we offer translates into positive outcomes that trigger the growth of your business.

Our Range of Service Disciplines

We have managed to convince customers from a wide range of professional and business fields to trust us with their business data entry projects. We process data for clerical setups, medical records departments, insurance companies, computer systems and government data storage agencies. We have also several clients from security agencies. Indeed, it takes an organization with integrity for a government to entrust it with citizen data. We also handle data entry tasks from individuals and virtual companies working from home.

Why You Should Consider Our Services

It is evident that outsourcing business data entry projects saves on costs. Once you contract a competent data entry company such as Ask Datatech, we shall help you save on running costs for between 65 and 75% of what you would ordinarily spend. The most obvious cost you will circumvent is the cost of paying employees on the ground. But there is also the aspect of saving time and directing your energies to more productive aspects of your business. Data entry tasks can be time consuming. We have a customer service team that is on standby 24 hours every day of the month. We also offer our new customers free usage of our service for up to 8 hours. The deal gets even better when you discover that we have developed a privacy policy that guarantees your data the water-tight privacy and protection from access by third parties.

Record Turn around Deliveries

Send us your data entry project and discover just how fast we deliver. We do not discriminate. We handle data for both large and small-scale clients, and stick to the agreed delivery timelines without compromising on quality.