Outsourcing Image Data Entry Services Company in India

Outsource Image Data Entry Services

Image data entry is a critical undertaking for companies that deal with images. Yet, you may not have qualified staff to deal with processing images. But by outsourcing image data entry services to Ask Datatech, you benefit a lot. You save on cost and reduce the time it will take to have the task completed.

We offer a range of image data entry services including:

  • Capturing images
  • Analyzing images on a regular basis
  • Organizing images into usable formats
  • Editing images
  • Scanning images and converting them into requested formats
  • Converting images from hard copies into digital formats

At date tech, we offer both online and offline image data entry. It means that you do not need to waste your precious time locating our offices. All you need to do is to send us the details via fax or emails. We will then assign the task to one of our managers. The project manager will ensure that the process is completed on time so that you have the task when you need it. We give regular updates on the job in progress to allow you to plan.

As soon as we complete the task, we send it to you for preview. We then expect you to approve the job before we convert it to the desired formats. We then deliver the completed task in the requested format.

By choosing to work with us, you stand a chance to benefit from our professional work. In particular, we follow the latest procedure in data entry to ensure that all the images we work on are secure. We also ensure that the assigned task is completed and delivered on time. We do all this without compromising on quality. We rely upon and use state-of-art technology and our highly trained professionals to complete the projects as expected.

What Our Team Will Do

Our experienced staff will scan, retrieve images and convert them into desired formats. The common formats include TIFF, PDF, GIF, and JPEG. The images are validated, cleaned and converted into the requested formats for storage. Our staff will also sort the images out and index them. We can organize the images into catalogs and excel sheets. We also convert them to PDF, TIF, and HTML.

At Ask Datatech, We service a wider market. We have offices in the UK, Europe, Asia, and the US. Currently, we are a leading one-stop-shop for image data entry in the US. Clients find it easy to work Ask Datatech and we always guarantee them quality work. Our staff is highly skilled and is a Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliant. Our profile speaks for itself. We have worked with Fortune 1000’s, fortune 500’s and SMEs.

Our services are secure and we employ security protocols such as FTP uploads, Non-Disclosure agreements and virtual private network (VPN). We go the extra mile to ensure that your images are secure. Besides, our support staff is on a 24/7 alert and can be reached by email or phone.

If you are interested in quality image data entry services, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ISO certified and we adhere ourselves to certified global guidelines when working on your task. Our approaches to image data entry and back-office tasks are customized to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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