Medical And Insurance Claims Data Entry

Get fast and accurate insurance claims data entry

If you are in the medical and insurance industry, claims data can be overwhelming. If this data is collected manually, there will be the need to have it digitalized. At Ask Datatech, the core of our business is to ensure that such data is digitized. It makes it easier and faster to retrieve and access such data when needed. But entering this data in the electronic system may be time-consuming. In the case of medical data, it may require staff with some medical background. Besides, entering the data in the electronic system requires accuracy and precision.

Also, the insurer may not pay for claims made by the health care providers if the data is inaccurate or delayed. As such, it may need that you outsource this task to a competent medical and insurance data entry company. At Ask Datatech, we offer the services at an affordable cost. We are aware that it is necessary to keep the cost of such service low to cut on costs.  We use the latest technology to ensure the job is done right. We have specialists in both medical and insurance fields who ensure that the data is error-free. Our staff is highly trained and our quality assurance team ensures that it is accurate. We are also aware that such claims need to be made within a specified time for the insurers to reimburse the money. We are efficient and will ensure that such details are available on time.

Insurance Claims Data Entry Services By Ask Datatech

  • Data validation
  • Digitize medical claims bills and invoices
  • Digitize medical claim forms
  • Digitize death insurance claim forms
  • Health insurance claim forms
  • Medical claim indexing
  • Hospitalization forms data entry

Why Choose Us For Medical Claims And Insurance Data Entry

Our staff is well trained and will capture the data as it is in the original insurance claim forms. We will then enter it into our software for quick processing. We have a quick turnaround and we will ensure that the task is completed on time. Besides, we follow the best practice, protect and safeguard the patient’s information.

By outsourcing the task to us, it saves you from the agony of dealing with huge volumes of data. We will easily transfer this data into the requested format and sent it to your database. Besides, we will allow you to quickly verify the claims and make or receive the payment. We are also aware that data entry can consume a lot of your resources. Indeed, it can tie them up and reduce your efficiency.

Thus, if you are in charge of data entry at your company, you can have this task handled by our specialists. They will capture the data accurately and ensure that it is in the desired database format. It saves time and allows you to focus on the core of your business.

We ensure that any outsourced data is completed on time. To this end, we guarantee a 99% accuracy. We use ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to have the job done. It ensures that the project is completed on time and the data is secure and confidential. We work on files in all formats but we only output it in a requested format. Besides, while sending the files to you we use a secure email with end to end encryption. It gives hackers zero chance of accessing your info.

You should consider outsourcing data entry work to Ask Datatech because we are flexible, transparent and scalable. We follow strict policy guidelines and quality control measures. It ensures that your work is completed as agreed. Grab this opportunity to outsource medical and insurance claims data entry tasks us.