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Online Data Entry Services

Online data entry is becoming a vital service to many companies. But to provide this service, it requires cutting edge technology and a state-of-art tools. Unfortunately, companies that do not specialize in data entry do not have the tools to do this kind of work. So the option they have is to outsource the task to a full-fledged data entry company. This is where Ask Datatech Online Data Entry and Offline Data Entry Services comes in. We have the right equipment and tools that allow us to offer exceptional data entry services.

Online Data entry at Askdata

At Ask Datatech we guarantee the best OCR and scanning services. Besides, we offer OMR services. Also we offer online data entry services to companies in the United States, UK, Israel, Japan, Canada Hong Kong, France, Netherlands, and Australia. Our specialties range from card and documents online data entry. We also upload products to eCommerce stores and fill forms online. At ask Datatech, offer online images data entry services, translation, and multilingual online data entry. We also offer web research data entry services and enter data from hard copies to an online database. Also, we carry out PDF indexing and offline data entry.

Our goal is to help businesses worry less about online services. This is critical to help them focus on the core of their business. We have a well-trained staff that will handle your work professionally. To ensure that we meet the ever-rising demand of data entry services, we keep on training and improving our staff.

Offline Data Entry

When it comes to offline Data entry, we stand out from the crowd. We offer offline financial data entry, MS word to excel data entry and Database Data Entries. Besides, our staff performs other peripherals tasks (offline catalogs data entry) such as updating price details and product description.

We serve insurance companies by updating the paper-based insurance claim data. We also enter such data in databases.

Ask Data Entry is known for translating data from one language to another. It helps businesses understand what their competitors are doing and target customers in the international market.

Generally, we know that accuracy is important in data entry tasks. To this end, we have a team of quality assurance staff that will proofread your work. The team will work around the clock to ensure that your data is 100% accurate. We also make use of customized software to increase accuracy and speed. It ensures that your needs are met within the agreed timelines. Also, our staff has an eye for details and will do everything possible to ensure that your work is flawless.

When it comes to the safety of your documents, no company can match our standards. We use the most updated firewalls and software to guarantee the security of your data. Also, we sign nondisclosure agreements. They ensure that no document entrusted in our hands find its way into the hands of third parties. As if this is not enough, we have secured our emails and protected our network with passwords. This leaves nothing to chance.

When you choose to Ask Datatech for data entry services, we guarantee to give you nothing but the best. Our prices are competitive. They are designed to ensure that you don’t feel the pinch when you outsource your data entry task to us.

If the nature of your work entails making entries on hard copies do not allow such data to accumulate. When it accumulates, it makes it difficult for you to make important business decisions. We will enter such data in your database to ensure that data is available when you need it. Besides, you will be able to share it with colleagues and staff at a click of a button. We also know that managing data could be a big challenge. It is even more challenging when the data is in hard copies. Thus, we pride in helping you post the data online. This way, you will be able to organize it using online tools and access it when you want.

Research shows that companies that have tried to perform data entry tasks in-house have ended spending more the long run. Housing data entry employees are costly. They need space, use more electricity and carry home fat paychecks. Also, more resources are needed to provide the equipment you need to perform data entry tasks. To avoid all these troubles, all you need is too is to outsource all your Online Data Entry and Offline Data Entry tasks to us.