Outsource Excel Data Entry Services

MS-Excel Data Entry Services

Ask Datatech has a team of experts with experience in excel data entry service provision. The advantage of Ms Excel is that it is robust versatile. It makes it easy to convert information to other formats with ease. Besides, Ms Excel as a program has an immense capacity for data computation and manipulation that helps to quicken data compression and processing. You can edit, subtract, add and change data according to your specific preference. Through the MS Excel Spreadsheets, one can format and design pivot tables. We generate macros references too.

Why Outsource Microsoft Excel Data Entry to us?

Apart from our unbeatable prices, which, of course, will be something o consider, Ask Datatech has established an effective customer relations reputation that ensures maximum satisfaction and value for money. We offer services for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year. Thus, you do not have to worry about urgent data entry projects that you can outsource. Moreover, we have provided our new and seriously aspiring customers with a handsome offer; new users have the liberty to use our service for up to 8 days a week at no fee. Ask datatech has also taken precautions to make sure that your data is protected through the privacy policies. We are a trusted business services entity across the US and beyond. Even after you have contracted our service, you soon learn that outsourcing services such as MS Excel data entry will help you to reduce the cost of data processing by between 65 to 75% of the cost you would ordinarily incur.

Our Excel Data Entry Services

We transfer data from other forms such as scanned images, paper-based documents, handwritten data and PDF into excel data sheets.

We handle both bulky and small data entry projects comfortably.

We provide accurate data entry services that will impress even the most skeptic critics. Our accuracy has been shown to exceed 99.99%.

We help organizations to perform such data entry chores as ID entries, including names, addresses, location, phone contacts and transfer them into excel spreadsheets.

We portray excel data in pictorial form for ease of interpretation. We also convert express figures in charts and bars for our clients if they so desire. We have the expertise that takes the MS Excel data processing capabilities to levels few ever know are possible with the spreadsheets.

  • We develop databases from the spreadsheets and images
  • We give you options of computational possibilities
  • Develop databases from web pages
  • Offer Excel data entry even for handwritten data

Our Edge Over competitors

As indicated earlier, we provide you with service that caters for all your work circumstances. You can access our services even when your data is captured by hand. Send your data in the form that it is accessible, whether in hard copy form, images in soft copy, PDF or in other spreadsheet forms. We also extract data from both offline and online directories for use by our customers whenever they request. Some of our common sources of data input include:

  • Journals
  • Receipts
  • Questionnaires and surveys Forms
  • Company reports
  • Business Cards
  • Databases Online
  • Directories
  • Ordinary books
  • Product sale portals
  • Advertising portals
  • Invoices
  • EBooks

The Global Approach –Ask Data Tech

At Ask Datatech, we know that we all live in a fast-changing world where one cannot afford to miss out on crucial information. We, therefore, keep abreast not only on the technology front but on the business front too. Trust Ask Datatech for a wide range of data entry service needs. Talk to our customer service personnel and experience the future of data entry.