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Outsource Data Capture Services:

The form scanning, data capture and recognized data extraction technology uses the combination of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) OMR (Optical Markup Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) which allows us to accurately capture computer typed and to some degree handwritten forms, barcodes and checked box data within seconds. After the electronic conversion is completed the scanned data from the form can then be converted to Microsoft Excel, Word, and Access or CSV format if you prefer.

Manual data capture and automated capture are two types of data capture. Electronic data capture (EDC) is a computerized system designed to collect clinical data in electronic format for use in clinical trails among other uses. There are various types of EDC systems and they would be used for pharmaceutical, medical, and biotechnology industries in all aspects of clinical research. Electronic data capture increases accuracy of data as well as quickening the process of collecting data for studies of pharmaceuticals and devices.

We can then assess the data-type on the form once we know this information:

  • Numeric information
  • Alpha-numeric information
  • Check and tick boxes
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • True or false questions
  • Open questions
  • Pre-fix numbers like telephone numbers
  • Data capture from Enrolment Forms
  • Data capture from Research Forms
  • Data capture from Application forms
  • Data capture from Subscription Forms
  • Data capture from Examination Forms
  • Data capture from Insurance Claims
  • Data capture from Loans Application
  • Data capture from Healthcare Check-up Forms
  • Data capture from Credit Cards Form
  • Data capture from education Results
  • Data capture from Medical Invoice

Automatic identification and Data Capture and refers to the collection of information from an individual, object, image, sound, or document without any manual work. Companies that do distrubution, manufacturing, transportation, medicine, government, and retailing often use this type of technology.

Growth in the Marketing and Human Resources research has made Forms Processing an important criterion for the success of these campaigns. To cash on in this rising phenomenon, Ask Datatech has garnered enough expertise in the field of Forms Processing to deliver accurate, timely and on budget services.

The Data Capture Process:

Data capture for documents or data is common as well. Indexing, archiving, and categorization are a few of the primary uses for document data capture.

The very first step in the form scanning and data capture process is to identify how exactly the form has been filled. Has it been filled using a computer, from carbon paper, handwritten or a mixture of all these?

What are the objectives of each form scanning project and its data conversion? Using this initial insight, we can understand the nature of the form and file type you have, which helps us to use the most relevant data processing technology, such as using an automatic processing method or our manual data entry service.

Numeric information, Alpha-numeric information, Check and tick boxes, Multiple-choice questions, True or false questions, Open questions, Pre-fix numbers like telephone numbers, Data capture from Enrolment Forms,Data capture from Research Forms, Data capture from Application forms, Data capture from Subscription Forms, Data capture from Examination Forms, Data capture from Insurance Claims, Data capture from Loans Application, Data capture from Healthcare Check-up Forms, Data capture from Credit Cards Form, Data capture from education Results, Data capture from Medical Invoice, Magento Product create a database into Excel, Web Research and create a database into Excel, Data Entry Services India at Ask Datatech. Leading Data Entry India Company offers Data Conversion, Web Research, Data Entry Services. Contact Restaurant Menu Data Entry, Data Entry India, Data Entry Services India Company at , Get Quality Services from Data Entry India/Ask Datatech India.

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