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When it comes to data capture, form scanning and extraction of recognized data, we employ the combined efforts of optical mark-up recognition (OMR), Optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR). This is very important in the sense that it enables us to precisely capture computer-generated and to a certain extent, barcodes, handwritten forms as well as the marked box data in seconds. Following the completion of the electronic transformation, the scanned information on the form may then be transformed into Word, Microsoft Excel, CSV or Access formats.

Both automated and manual data capturing techniques used by our able team at Ask Datatech are considered the most effective ways used in data capture services. ECD (electronic data capture refers to a programmed technique tasked with the collection of clinical info in the electronic layout to be applied in clinical tracks as well as other applications. There are, of course, different kinds of EDC systems which could be used in medical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology fields throughout the medical research. If precision is your priority, you can count yourself well-covered here. This is because the electronic data capturing technique enhances precision as well as speeding up the entire process of data collection for pharmaceutical and device analysis.

Upon understanding the following details, we can analyze the type of data contained on the form:

  • ¬†Alpha-numeric details
  • Numeric information
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Open questions
  • Check as well as tick boxes
  • True/false questions
  • Data capture from Enrolment forms
  • Data capturing basing on research form
  • Prefix numbers such as telephone numbers
  • Data capturing from medical invoice
  • Data capturing from application forms
  • Data capturing from an insurance claim
  • Capturing of data from subscription forms
  • Data capturing from exam forms
  • Data capturing form loans application
  • Data capturing from credit card forms
  • Data capturing from healthcare check-up forms
  • Data capturing from education outcome

Data capture and automatic identification mean collecting information from a person, image, document, sound or object without applying manual effort. Distribution, transportation, manufacturing, government, medicine, and retailing companies are known to employ this kind of mechanism. The growing demand for forms processing has come up as a result of the development in the Human Resources and Marketing research.

To keep pace with these high demands, we have put in place the right mechanisms to ensure that we have sufficient and highly qualified staff in the forms processing field to supply precise, prompt and cost-effective services.

The process:

Document data capture is very common. Archiving, categorizing and indexing is some of the basic applications used in document data capturing. The first phase of data capture and form scanning process involves determining how precisely the form is filled. Whether it is by the use of a carbon paper, handwritten, a computer or a combination of the entire set of methods, we will find out.

So, what goals does each project of form scanning as well as data conversion have? Through this first insight, we can figure out the file type and form nature in your possession. This is critically vital as it allows us to apply the most pertinent method including the manual data entry or automated processing service.

While it remains a complex process, you can always bank on professionals at Ask Datatech to get you satisfactory end-results. You only need to contact us and we will be most willing to set things rolling for you. Take advantage of our low-cost services and make your business stand out among the rest.