OCR and OMR Services

Why You Need To Outsource Your OMR and OCR Services to Ask Datatech

The fact that we serve a wide range of customers with unique OMR and OCR service needs, we have taken it our concern to personalize our OCR services to fit the diverse needs of our customers. OCR- optical character recognition refers to a technique involving scanning of the information contained on paper and converting it into any given digital layout. The various font styles, page layouts, languages, symbols are determined using OCR software. This is very important as it ensures high-quality OCR conversion results.

Are you searching for a company that provides superb OCR cleanup processing services? Don’t look further, we are right here and very ready to listen to your demands. At Ask Datatech, we supply OCR cleanup technologies intended for enhancing your business ability, provide ground-breaking methods and trustworthy systems to amplify your probable outcome. It also allows us to obtain great profits and benefit from an economic advantage. We offer high-quality data entry, OCR based on your individual and business needs and data processing services for a range of file types including Adobe PDF.

OMR and OCR Services Offered By Ask Datatech

  • Document Conversion And Indexing
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Converting Into Text File Type The Scanned Image Data
  • Data Capture From Scanned OMR Page
  • Advanced Scanning Method
  • Proof-Reading Services
  • Directories, Magazines, Periodicals, And Journals
  • Medical, Survey, Insurance And Banking Forms

Take advantage of the OCR services provided by one of the most reputed business outsourcing companies based in India to benefit from the array of first-class services in data management. In our data collection or data capturing, we apply advanced OCR technologies. Using our fast-performing OCR technologies, you can be sure of getting affordable solutions regarding data management. We supply nearly all types of business-standard image layouts and we can also scan your images at a 600 dpi resolution.

On the other hand, our OMR enables you to identify marked areas on the scanned images. As such, OMR scanning involves the process of scanning that enables spotting of the checked boxes. Apart from writing, you are required to shade the spot to indicate the results. Later on, the scanner will automatically weigh up the sheet.

The Benefits

  • Consistent, faster and superior results
  • Precise results to the advantage of your company
  • OCR services offered by highly skilled personnel
  • OCR cleanup services for various document types and layouts.

The kind of expertise and supplies we have at Ask Datatech comes as a result of the existing superior methods in the industry. We emphasize on providing affordable and ground-breaking techniques that allow for dependable OCR results. The OCR cleanup process involves converting a given text or image into ASCII or Unicode. This is a highly vulnerable process which requires to be executed with a lot of care.

Faults are inevitable during the OCR cleanup process; thus, making the process obligatory and extremely vital for better results. We deliver our cleanup services through modern and highly trustworthy software apps in existence. This is very important as it enables us to supply results with a lot of precision. The key reason for OCR results is to enable us to evaluate the original file using different types of OCR files and correct any elements that may have been misinterpreted. This process is equally important to companies involved in technical data operations. Ask Datatech has the most recent scanning devices and applies the most efficient OCR mechanisms to enable realize your individual and company objectives assertively. Our optical character cleanup services are cost-effective based on the text print quality of your preference. To learn more about our OMR and OCR services, do not hesitate to give us a knock.