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OMR Cleanup Processing

We offer full service OMR cleanup processing so that you can clearly define the check boxes on your scanned images. OMR stands for Optical Mark recognition. At Ask Datatech we take our OMR Cleanup processing services very seriously and will carefully scan all data in search of marked areas. When you submit your content to us, you will need to carefully mark an area on each page and then it is carefully scanned by our team of outsourcing professionals. From here one of our outsource professionals will deliver quality OMR cleanup services so that you can enjoy powerful OCR and OMR services to ensure the quality of your business data provided by our team of OMR Cleanup Processing

When you choose the quality back office services of our outsource team you can be sure that you will get more than you pay for. While our prices are competitive, this does not mean that we cut corners or don’t do a good job on OMR Cleanup Processing, data entry services, data processing services or data web services. The reason why we are able to offer you such a low affordable price for these services is because when you choose Ask Datatech for your OCR or OMR services you are outsourcing your OMR cleanup processing services to or professional team of outsource experts that can provide you with the advantage of being located off shore, helping make the cost of OMR cleanup processing .

OMR Cleanup Processing Services we Offer:

  • Form Printing
  • OMR Form Design
  • Document Readers
  • Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Form Scanning
  • OMR analysis

Optical Mark Recognition Processing or OMR services for short works with a form of bubble sheets which are then scanned with an image scanner in Order to scrutinize your data and determine where check boxes should be placed. Our advanced image scanners at Ask Datatech are able to read barcodes as well as information within your documents. However, if you have any handwritten documents or typed documents our professional OMR cleanup and processing services will need to be manually examined by one of the skilled members of our outsource team.

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