Handwritten Data Entry Services

Handwritten Data Entry Services

Large handwritten data entry projects call for a data entry services provider such as Ask Datatech. We have the full view of what the data processing market needs, and have sought to meet clients just where they need our helping hand. We provide clerical staff for handwritten data entry chores. Whether you have large volumes of handwritten data, or just want to manage what you have, we provide you with effective handwritten data entry management service. We employ user friendly techniques to help you through the entry of handwritten data. The greater news for our clients is that we offer you a chance to reduce your data management cost for up to 75% of what you have been previously spending. Furthermore, if you are just checking us out for the first time, you have a chance to try out our service for up to 8 days for free. We promise you value for money. Our money back policy reassures you of the best customized service on the market and in USA, in particular.

The handwritten data services we provide at Ask Data Tech include:

  • Taxation related computations of data
  • Memos
  • Prescriptions from doctors, in handwritten form
  • Handwritten legal documents
  • Handwritten financial reports
  • Address books in handwritten form
  • Research data in handwritten form
  • Work order
  • Curriculum vitae in their raw, handwritten form
  • Questionnaires and more
How It Is Done

Our split-screen technology allows you to have a multiple view of the handwritten data on one screen, and the screen for the data entry on the other. The simultaneous view allows for cross-checking of the entered data from the original handwritten copies. The validation of the data is done by applying a range of techniques and referenced databases. We have the capacity and technology that will help you convert your handwritten data to a wide range of file formats and programs. You have the liberty to choose whether you wish to have your file in MS Access, Excel or whatever other type you prefer for your comfortable use. What’s more, we have experienced staff that can convert your complex handwritten data within record time. We take them all and organize them for you. Whether your data is in manuscripts, insurance policy forms with scribbles that are hard to read or work with under high pressure, invoices, receipts, memos, financial reports, Ask Datatech is handy to provide you accurate and timely service. We pass your data through several stages just to make sure it is accurate.

Customer Focus

It is not lost on Ask Datatech that our clients are our backbone. So we go an extra mile to make sure that we satisfy their needs. We provide exceptional service that we always seek to improve. Our customer service lines are available 24/6, throughout the year. We also guarantee our customers cost cutting when it comes to issues to do with data management. We have built the capacity to deal with large volumes of data and have a history of delivering our projects as we promise. Ask Datatech guarantees you of timely delivery of your projects, regardless of the amount of data that we handle. We are one of the most accurate data entry firms you will possibly meet. Our accuracy has been rated to fall at 99.9%. Our internal quality assurance mechanisms make sure that we provide accurate entry of the data we receive from you. In addition to the accurate service, we guarantee our customers of the privacy that they deserve. Your data is yours and remain as such. Our customer privacy policies enable us to maintain high levels of integrity and professionalism

Why You Need Ask Datatech

If you take a sweeping view of what happens across the market, you will realize that a lot of time is dedicated towards handling data. Outsourcing data management needs such as dealing with the handwritten data of your firm frees up resources so that you can direct them to real points that will grow your business. You have more time to refocus on business growth. Typing consumes huge chunks of time in both small and big businesses. With Ask Datatech, you will not only save on time but the cost of handling your handwritten data. We will also help you meet your deadlines with little strain.