Catalogue Processing

Catalog Processing Services

Catalogue processing has now become an essential e-commerce service. A catalogue is the first item that catches a customer’s eye when shopping online. Catalogue processing refers to the process of grouping all the products with their related brands, features, prices, offers, discounts, availability etc. for an e-commerce website. Beyond that, it is one of the best ways to promote any product on online trading platforms and attracting customers.

Without proper e-commerce catalogue processing, your dream of ever becoming an e-commerce mogul can be dashed. This is why maintaining a catalogue that is easy to follow and also features the full details of the products including product name, brands, prices, discounts, availability and more is crucial.

Why Ask Datatech Is the Ideal Catalogue Processing Service Provider

We are a leading e-commerce industry offshore back-office services provider with a track record, delivering services such as catalogue processing among many others. We have over 10 years of experience in the field with a highly trained and competent pool of e-commerce catalogue processing specialists and state-of-the-art tools to can handle your project requirements right away. Alternatively, based on your business needs, we can deliver support services to your catalogue processing team 24/7.

We have been providing Catalog processing services to a variety of industries including sports and fitness, apparel and shoes, jewellery, luggage and travel, furniture, antique accessories, computer and accessories, and medical equipment among others.

Our Catalog Processing services Include:

  • Converting bad images to quality image
  • Modify Product information
  • Resizing and retouching images
  • Upload product images
  • Categorizing Products
  • Updating Products and Pricing

At Ask Datatech, you will find every kind of catalogue processing service you are looking for under one roof. We have the expertise to process your data in diverse formats such as MS Excel, PDF, CSV, Hard copies, etc. Subject to our client’s requirements, our team of experts can upload products individually and in bulk.

We provide a complete range of catalogue processing services that include but not limited to:
Information Gathering

Our pool of experts can collect information from diverse mediums including PDFs online catalogues, scanned images and occasionally from the product manufacturer’s website. Then, digitalize all your hard copy content and prepare them for uploading. Lastly, important information such as product features, brand information, price, the manufacturer’s details and more are entered.

Categorization of Products

A massive product base calls for proper categorization and segregation. This is why our Catalog processing experts will display your products in a very user-friendly way, allowing customers to effortlessly locate the right products.

Product descriptions

For a customer to purchase a product online, the seller must provide detailed information about it. Providing a clear, correct and full description of the products will help earn your customers’ confidence in you and your products. That is why we do not just copy product descriptions from other websites but provide original ones, hence guaranteeing you higher page ranks.

Image Editing

Customers often look for pictures of those products that you are offering for sale. We know that it is important for an image to look extremely appealing. That is why we go the extra mile to retouch and edit images instead of just uploading them. We do image clipping, image cropping, image resizing, background removal, image enhancement among other services.

Catalog Updating

Updating product prices from time to time is one of the important tasks of ensuring that our clients keep ahead of the pack. Additionally, we can collect product prices from the competitor websites, allowing you to offer the most attractive deals to customers.

Some of our top shopping cart platforms clients include Magento, 3D Cart, osCommerce, Amazon, e-Bay, Buy.Com, Monster Commerce, NetSuite, Sears, Volution, and Zen Cart.

If you own an online store or e-commerce business and are looking for an outsourcing firm that can provide top-notch catalogue processing services, you have arrived. Our services are tailored to meet the specific business needs and we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Get in touch with us today and learn how your business can benefit from our unrivaled Catalog processing services at pocket-friendly prices and within a short turnaround time.