Check Processing

Outsource Check Processing Services

Checks are still a major payment instrument in many countries in spite of the move towards cashless culture. If you are in business and your contracts entail check processing validation, then you are certainly aware that they are costly and time-consuming. When you are transacting with multiple checks daily, human errors cannot be avoided regardless of the amount of effort that is devoted to verifying them. This can affect the quality of the business unless issues in transactions are addressed promptly.

Outsourcing check processing is cost-effective. Beyond that, it can be helpful to your business as it greatly lessens the risks of fraud from bogus checks. It will also give you the freedom you need to focus on other crucial tasks, for instance, sales and marketing.

At Ask Datatech, we have been in business for over 10 years, providing high-quality check processing services to numerous customers across the globe at incredibly highly competitive rates. We have what it takes to cater to all types of check processing needs. Some of our customers who have benefited from our services include subscription-oriented online businesses, companies that accept large payments, non-profits, insurance companies, B2B businesses and schools among others.

Advantages of Check Processing

  • It allows you to accept checks fast and very conveniently
  • It facilitates automatic deposit of checks directly into your company’s bank account
  • It allows you to make refunds for payments made at your discretion
  • It saves the time and expenses incurred making regular trips to the bank
  • You will have additional control over the procedure hence protect your earnings
  • You can get help with API integration on request

Our check processing services include the following:

Checks Received Data Entry

This involves accepting checks via the phone, fax or internet as well as taking scanned copies plus other hard copies. Next, all the details are extracted and arranged in various editable digital formats.

Scanning the checks for crucial details

All the checks received by the business are scanned for vital information including the check number, the account number, as well as the routing number and more. In addition to facilitating successful transactions, iterative scanning acts as a precautionary measure since it provides a backup of crucial information.

Check Validation

To help our customers authenticate checks that are undergoing the process, we verify the history of the account holder, if necessary. Besides, our team of experts verifies the routing details plus the account number before getting in touch with the issuing bank, should there be any discrepancies.

Validation of the checks transaction

We use internet-based security steps in validating the check transactions, which improves the transactions’ accuracy and security. The real transaction details though cannot be modified by any fraudulent methods.

Management of recurring check payments

Where customers have frequent check payments, we do assign devoted agents to deposit checks from time to time and also receive payments promptly. Outsourcing check verification services to our company will guarantee timely deposits and payments of all your checks.

Redepositing bounced checks

Once checks bounce because of insufficient funds, the bank will charge some fees hence income is lost. Since check bounce is bound to attract extra bank fees as well as cause greater inconveniences, our personnel will contact the drawers to confirm the availability of funds in their bank accounts before they redeposit the check.

Reasons to Consider Outsourcing Check Processing Services to Ask Datatech:

Bespoke services at pocket-friendly rates –

We provide highly personalized services where charges are determined by the project complexity, the time that is taken to complete it, and more.

Timely and accurate services –

With an organized process and proper control measures in place, we guarantee customers the best check processing services devoid of any delay and cases relating to check bounces.

Top-notch infrastructure –

In addition to a high-tech IT infrastructure along with advanced tools, we have highly-skilled data management specialists who use them to process checks and verify them.

Don’t hesitate. Connect with us today for reliable check processing services.