Data Capture and Data Extraction

Ask Datatech has many years of experience in data capture and extraction. The service is part of our vast data entry and processing services we offer. We have offered these services ever since we opened our doors to serve businesses. We also offer other services such as PDF to excel data entry and offline and online data entry services.

When it comes to data capture, no one can match us. We capture and present data in different formats. Also, we have the capacity and the ability to handle both small and large projects. We are flexible and offer affordable services to meet the needs of all our clients. We use the latest technology including optical character recognition OCR to capture data. We deploy Intelligent Character Recognition technology to capture both typed and handwritten data.

We also capture and process engineering drawings, images, and blueprints. Besides, we capture graphics, grids, maps, and other drawings. It does not matter whether the information is stored in storage boxes or microfilms. We can capture and analyze even the most complex data.

Of course, we are aware of the many challenges that come with data extraction projects. In some cases, the data may be hidden in corners that are not easy to access. Alternatively, it may be spread in different countries. Either way, we gather the data and work on it. We have the tools that enable us reach all corners. We have professionals who can extract data from business reports, plan documents, websites and other sources.

Our Services are:
  • Data Mining
  • Data Cleaning
  • Price Extraction
  • Address Extraction
  • Name Extraction
  • Email address Extraction
  • Data Capture
  • Data Cleansing
  • PDF data extraction services
  • Database extraction services
  • Web data extraction services
  • Educational material search
  • Extract Data from Websites
  • Contact Database Creation and Updating
Our process

We capture data, index it and categorize it. But before we do this, we scan the information to learn how the information is filled. Some information may be filled using a carbon paper, it could be handwritten or computer filled. So, we scan it so that we can decide the technology to use to capture it. We also decide whether to employ automated or manual processes.

Our data extraction process can extract data regardless of the source and format. We focus more on quality and we ensure that our process helps us achieve 100% accuracy. That notwithstanding, we ensure that we deliver all our projects on time.

At Ask Datatech, we have a team of experienced and skilled staff that has completed thousands of projects. The staff is well trained, efficient and reliable. If you require integrated back-office services, we guarantee to provide them.

The volume of data that both small and large scale businesses must deal with is continuing to grow. So, processes such as data capture and extraction are an integral part of running a modern business. It makes it easier to manage data and ensure that it is stored so that it can easily be extracted.

Also, we use the computerized electronic data capture system to collect clinical data. This type of data is used by medical teams, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology departments. Such data should be accurate and reliable.

Ask Datatech is home to data capture, data entry, and data extraction. We have the equipment and the human resources that allow us to deliver on projects within the stipulated time. If you are looking for a tested and reliable Data Entry Services provider, then talk to us. In this time and era, it makes no business sense to let non core aspect such as data entry overwhelm your staff. All you need to do is to outsource data entry, data capture and data extraction tasks to us and we will have them completed at a reasonable cost.

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