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Data Mining and Data Cleaning Services:

Data mining services are used to extract images, videos, content, files and other content and then this information is then reproduced into a structured from in the file format of your choice. Here at Ask Datatech we are experts in data mining & extraction with many happy customers already enjoying the affordable outsource data mining and data cleaning services of Ask Datatech. We will retrieve, analyze, extract, transform, summarize, load, manage and monitor the required data for you while also providing you with competitor tracking, web research and summarization of customer feedback.

Data Mining Services:

  • Data Mining from Portals
  • Data Mining from Directories & Networks
  • Data Mining from Manuals & eBooks
  • Data Mining from Spread Sheets
  • Data Mining from Financial Statements
  • Data Mining From CRM & Spatial Database
  • Data Mining to Extract Meta Data
  • Data Mining From Blogs & Forums

Data Cleansing is another great outsourcing task that we are well skilled at here at Ask Datatech. There are many advantages that you will enjoy when you choose us for your outsourcing data cleansing needs. It is crucial that you regularly update and cleanse your data otherwise you will end up spending more time later on when the task becomes unbearable. The professionals at Ask Datatech are here to provide you with an error free data cleansing process with quality work and affordable prices.

Data Cleaning Services:

  • Remove Incorrect Data Entries
  • Consolidate Multiple Data Sources
  • Data organization & Aggregation
  • Spelling Corrections
  • Data Classifications
  • Identify & Eliminating Duplicate Records
  • Data Formatting
  • Data Validation
  • Deleting Outdated Data
  • Updating Missing or Incomplete Data
  • Tag & Identify Similar Records

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