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Image Processing and Word Processing Services:

Ask Datatech specializes in document processing services, image processing services, word processing services and word reports which have to date kept our clients greatly satisfied. Our Image processing & word processing services are two of our most widely used outsourcing services we offer. Ask Datatech has many years of experience providing quality image processing services to enhance, manage and optimize your images and data to create a professional, user friendly website.

Image Processing Services:

  • Image Cropping Services
  • Film Prints
  • Photo Retouching
  • Image Scanning
  • Deletion of Backgrounds/Objects
  • Image Editing/Image Manipulation
  • Vector Graphics
  • Image Sharpening
  • Improving Resolution/Image Color Balancing
  • Image Restoration
  • Image Resizing
  • Images Updating

Word processing services are those which are typically involved in data entry/typing such as spell checking, grammar checking and font application. At Ask Datatech we have many wonderful word processing professionals to meet all of your needs and provide customized solutions that are based upon your unique needs. We can assist you in converting newsletters, contracts, magazines, data sheets, books, journals and other content into word documents. Our word processing service specialists can convert any till file, pdf file or jpg file into a word file format.

Word Processing Services we Offer:

  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume Creation
  • Copy Typing Services
  • Booklet Word Processing
  • Document Conversion
  • Document Transcription
  • Survey Word Processing
  • Manuscript Word Processing
  • Document Scanning (OCR & OMR Services)
  • Database Management Services of Documents
  • Creation of Document Templates

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