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Data Scraping Service India

Data scraping refers to importing information from sites into local files or spreadsheets. At Ask Datatech, we use the method to get data from websites and social media. We then channel it to another site or local files on your computer. As a leading online Data entry, this method is critical in helping us perform our day to day tasks. It is one of the methods we use to ensure that outsourced data entry tasks are completed according to client’s instructions.

The method helps us to extract data from:
  • Data Scrapping from White pages
  • Data Scrapping from Yellow pages
  • Data Scrapping from Yelp
  • Data Scrapping from Super pages
  • Data Scrapping from Websites
  • Data Scrapping from Social media
  • Scrape product reviews and ratings
  • Scrape data from Business directories
  • Scrape data from Online shopping portals
  • Scrape data from Job portals
  • Extract Images From Website
  • Data extraction from blogs, websites

At ask Datatech, we understand that keeping the cost of obtaining data low is important. Whether the data is for marketing or for policy formulation keeping the cost low is vital. So we charge lowly for the service to allow our clients to get the information they need and still break even. Our staff is experienced and professional. They will handle any information whether scrapped or passed to us with confidentiality. We crawl websites and social media to get leads and other information you may be interested in.

We extract data from websites into our excel sheets. We do this without going through the laborious copy and paste method. If the data is in table form we take minimal time to have the info in excel sheets. This is why we always deliver on any assigned task within the agreed period. We can also tell you how regular the data on any given website is updated. Such information can help your businesses to plan ahead of time. It gives them a competitive advantage over their rivals.

We use data scrapping tools to get whatever information you may need. One of the tools that we deploy for this task is the data Scraper. It is a state-of-art tool that will scrape data from any page loaded in its browser. The tool can even tell what changed including the latest updates.

We use the tool to:

Gather disparate data and put it in one place. If the data is scattered, the tool will crawl and collect it. It structures it and enables you to access it in one place.
Also, data scraping helps us to retrieve data from web pages and organize it in one place. It gathers important information including contacts from Twitter and other social media channels. Clients who run e-commerce and need data scraping services can count on us. If you are in need of updating your eCommerce website you can outsource the task to us. We use the tool to automate the laborious process of updating product details.

Another area where data scraping comes in handy is when harvesting emails. The tool can scrap directories, social media and websites to collect people’s emails. This can be useful to people who want to generate marketing leads.

Data scraping remains a key service at Ask Datatech. We believe the service is likely to become more valuable in the future. Already, we are impressing Data scrapping AI to help us interpret inputs that can only be interpreted by humans. The technology allows us to interpret images on pages being scrapped. Also, we are embracing advanced technology to help in video and image scraping. This will allow us to collect data on videos and images.

Other than providing data scrapping services, Ask Datatech is home to data entry services. We offer online data entry and offline data entry to clients. We also offer PDF to excel data entry services, offshore data entry services and many more. Get in touch today for more information.

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