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Form Processing Services

It is the process of converting data from hard copies into electronic form. It entails converting handwritten or printed forms into electronic formats. At Ask Datatech, we convert insurance claim forms, image processing, survey forms, and loan forms into electronic formats. It makes it easier to share such information with colleagues. It allows the management to formulate and implement policies faster. We also process documents for professional bookkeepers, mortgage firms and insurance providers. When you choose to work with us, you will enjoy a host of other data entry services. They include offline data entry, online data entry, and offshore data entry services.
We understand that form processing is a daunting task. Also, it can become costly if you hire a salaried employee to do the task. Yet, the service is vital in ensuring that data is available in electronic formats. When you outsource the task to us, it ensures such handwritten or typed information is available in a digital format. Our dedicated staff will perform this time-consuming task at affordable rates.

At Ask Datatech, we have a staff that is highly experienced in form processing. It allows us to have any form processing task done at affordable rates. We have a reliable back-office staff that has an eye for details. So, feel free to outsource any form processing tasks us.

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Our services

  • Image Processing
  • Insurance Claim Forms Processing
  • Questionnaires Forms
  • Survey Form Processing Services
  • Market Research Forms Processing
  • Service Coupons / Invoices Form Processing
  • Mortgage Forms Processing
  • Healthcare Claim Forms
  • Examination Forms Processing
  • Loan Forms Processing

Our Process

Our staff offer form processing services in unique perspectives. We have manual forms processing and automated form processing. We insert the data into fields in our software and convert it into electronic forms. Also, we process data forms such as medical claims, invoices, and vouchers. We then converted such data into electronic forms to make it easier for stakeholders to access the information online.

The Process

First, you need to send us the forms. You may use email, fax or whatever method that is suitable to get the documents to us. Our team will verify the forms and escalate them to the specialists for processing. Once the job is done, the task is sent to the quality assurance team to check for errors and quality. The output will then be sent to you through an appropriate method.

Some of the documents we process are accounting documents, tax forms, patient records, and rebate forms. Others are email forms, credit card application processing, coupon redemption, and administrative document processing. We also process payrolls, online subscription and application forms. Besides, we process rental forms and membership applications. Others include shipping documents, market research form processing, tax form processing, warranty card processing and many more.

Why We Offer Form Processing Services

Forms are critical in any organization. They contain details of the things the company engages in. Besides, they contain data required when formulating policies. Therefore, companies must manage such forms effectively. But they cannot do this if the forms are in hard copies. Thus, there is a need to process the forms and ensure that they are available in electronic formats. When they are in electronic formats, it becomes easier to manage them. Outsourcing this task to Ask Datatech guarantees that the data will just be a click away. We have the resources and the capacity to process any amount of forms. We do so meticulously, and we will ensure that you save on time and resources.

Our services are quality and cost-effective. We guarantee error-free outputs and faster delivery. Also, when you outsource the task to us, it allows you to focus on the core of your operations. Our team of experts will process the forms stress-free and customize the forms to optimize its usage.

Other than form processing, we will be happy if you outsource data entry tasks to us. We offer offshore data entry services, PDF to excel data entry and offline data entry.

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