Questionnaires Forms

Why Outsource Your Questionnaires Forms to Ask Datatech

So, you have chosen to let us scan your questionnaire forms, right? You got it right. We will serve you with due diligence. What you to understand is that keeping more forms means that there is more information hanging on them. As it were, this is the right time to seek our services and let us do the processing for you. We are capable of doing an ORC scan and assemble the essential details therein for you.

By reducing manual handling of your data, you will be giving your team adequate time to concentrate on improving your business. Besides, you will be eliminating the danger of response misinterpretation. Every load of questionnaires or forms is returned to you in the form of actionable information, which you may enter directly into your records and backend systems.

What Ask Datatech can handle:

  • Registration forms, application forms
  • Questionnaires and surveys
  • Cheques and order forms
  • Response cards or marketing reply cards

Through our latest data capture tools; we are capable of capturing both handwritten and machine-printed forms, OMR codes and bar codes. We personalize our end-results after confirmation. Although omissions are ear-marked for database reports, we can conduct optional validation depending on your preferred needs.

Supposing the quality of the forms is inadequate for OCR?

Ask Datatech promises to provide timely, precise and quality data entry service. As your best friend in the data entry field, you can bet that our charges are lower than having the entire process carried out at home. Our services may include double or single-pass data handling.

Also, Ask Datatech provides form design services for our clients right from the onset of the data-collecting assignment. Our team of data entry professionals will give you helpful information to ensure optimum data extraction results. This leads to a speedy process and brings down the cost during the return phase of data.

Our US-based processing equipment is capable of handling bulky returns and offers you affordable access to the latest data extraction equipment. Using this great technology, we can automate the form capture work for you. This is critical in the sense that it speeds up the entire process and abolishes the necessity for carrying out data entry through direct data extraction from scanned hard-copy documents.

Using our newest form capturing software, you can bet that we will deliver our hand-written as well as machine-printed forms, OMR and bar codes faster and precisely and validate data, which include signatures and addresses. After extraction, we give a variety of information verification services like automated and manual checks to guarantee completeness and precision. Through database verification, gathered data – policy numbers or addresses – may be matched automatically against database statistics and any omissions earmarked for timely consideration.

Besides, we have a team that understands their work perfectly well and may also choose to personalize the entire verification process to go in line with your special requirements through validation scripting. To ensure the precision of essential information – numeric values or account numbers – we provide an additional data validation phase.

Optimum output using our unique form design processing service

By carefully form designing and setting up at the onset of the entire project is key to reaping high profits in maximizing the results. Considering our years of service, we are capable of giving you helpful returns at this juncture and allow you to continue to the next phase – launch – faster and confidently. Our team can offer support to enable you to make the most out of the form design to effectively maximize data extraction; hence, allowing for speedier processing, reduced costs and top-quality outcome.