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Outsource Market Research Forms Processing:

The process of market research forms processing is daunting and involved taking information from within custom forms, scanned images and faxes and converting this information from written form to electronic form. Once converted, you can then use this information to take a close look at business trends, performance indexes and the preferences of your customers. Don’t take on this task yourself when you can employ the affordable services of Ask Datatech to outsource your businesses market research forms processing needs.

Ask Datatech is highly skilled at this process and understands the importance of gathering market research to ensure that you can keep up with your competition. The outsourcing experts at Ask Datatech will collect your market research for you, eliminate any errors and deliver a detailed report to you for a low affordable rate. When you choose Ask Datatech for your market research forms processing we will help you to identify and understand your market research needs and then use the most up to date credible software to customize the database forms in a user friendly interface that you can easily navigate.

Things to Know About Data Tech:

  • Hard Copy Reports
  • Scanning of Hard Copy Surveys
  • Scanning of Hard Copy Questionnaires
  • Financial Reports
  • Extraction of Data from emails, web pages & PDF’s
  • Resumes
  • Manuals
  • Manufacturing Statistics
  • Competitive Assessments
  • Shipping Information
  • Customer Satisfaction Forms
  • Product Warranties
  • Online Message Boards
  • Many More…

If you want quality market research forms processing from an outsourcing company that you can trust then Ask Datatech is a great choice. We can supply you with the quality services that you need in order to reduce costs while providing you with a paperless solution so that you can easily access the market research you need to perform an in depth analysis to give your business the competitive edge you need to surpass you competition and become a leader in your industry! We will scan and convert your invoices, purchase orders, tax statements, credit card applications or any other forms and convert them into the file format of your choice. Ask Datatech offers quality services, quick turnaround and affordable outsourcing marketed research forms processing services.

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