Why You Need To Outsource Your PPC Services to Ask Datatech

Establishing rapports with appropriate audience is key to direct marketing. In this case, pay- per-click (PPC) is an essential portion of any given marketing struggle. It helps to expose your target users as well as giving you insightful account regarding your audience.
Our experts at Ask Datatech, are highly trained and boast of years of experience in digital marketing. You have no reason to look elsewhere as they have the necessary skills to help you achieve your business objectives. We are capable of assisting you in a number of ways including:

  • Displaying your brand to the correct buyer, in a suitable place, correct instance and on an appropriate device.
  • Offer solutions for eCommerce, lead generation, display as well as global businesses
  • Improve ROI (return on investment), revenue and lower the costs of marketing.

Our online marketing experts’ abilities include:

  • Market search – This involves recognising and getting rid of badly-performing keyword variants as well as identifying new better-performing keyphrases for application in Bing Ads and Google Adwords.
  • Remarketing and display advertising – Reaching out to valuable audiences through geographical, contextual and behavioural targeting and getting back lost customers through remarketing.
  • PLA (Product listing adverts) and eCommerce – Capacity to conduct seasonal and permanent strategies, comparison purchasing campaigns and buying campaigns.
  • Social media marketing – Capability to reach out to users on various popular social media networks such as:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn among others
  • Optimisation of conversions – Full usability tasks including cognitive/heuristic analysis, functional testing, user testing and optimisation of landing pages among others.
  • Attribution and Analytic support – Identifying and troubleshooting the amount of digital opportunities.

PPC services to look for at Ask Datatech include:

  • Account audit, discovery process and campaign strategy development
  • Competitive research
  • Targeting through segmentation of audience and persona information, keyword insights, social listening and many more.
  • Bid management
  • Account structuring
  • Testing and unremitting creative development
  • Mobile targeting and location targeting
  • Reporting and monthly calls regarding promotion performance

Evaluation of your PPC campaigns

In case you are looking for someone to review your domestically managed PPC presence, we are here for you. Our experts are better equipped to help you with:

  • Conducting an all-inclusive audit regarding your accounts
  • Carry out a cost-effective research
  • Re-evaluate and advise on creative promotions
  • Offer ready-to-execute practical suggestions for implementation as a section of the continuing PPC management

PPC management and SEO

A PPC promotion allows for full control of results as compared to organic SEO. Through effective PPC management, you are able to relatively compete faster for keywords that may require extra time obtain through earned media techniques like SEO. Although a newly established website may take long to rank better on SERP, a strong PPC campaign management has the capacity to generate traffic instantly through Bing ads, Google Adwords among others. Thus, by leveraging SEO and Paid Search allows for the establishment of synergy and may generate a “halo effect” to help enhance performance of the two channels.

Content marketing and PPC management

Social media channels and fresh display promotion platforms revolving around sharable information offer a great opportunity for finding suitable assets before your targeted customers, to encourage citations and referrals. Yet, in the event that it is applied using incorrect properties or on unsuitable channel, the campaigns can prove to be extremely expensive with discouraging results. Ask datatech has been in the field long enough to be able to help you leverage your advertising channels to maintain and boost your content marketing results.