Data Capture

Why You Should Outsource Data Capture Tasks to Ask Datatech

Data capture refers to the process of identifying and extracting data from scanned documents. In the current economy, having proper data has become very imperative in making informed decisions. Tons of important data exist on forms and various documents that need to be captured, structured, and indexed which could improve the efficiency of the operations.

Businesses the world over are trying to get rid of paper. Usually, paper tends to slow down business operations because it entails a time-consuming process of looking for and finding information stored in physical format. On top of that, physical documents need additional storage space hence can strain workplace infrastructure. To safeguard paper documents from deteriorating and getting damaged calls for specialized personnel and knowledge. All this can drain the money and resources of a business.

Accurate data capture from scanned documents, however, can be a complex process. Developing an in-house team for this task may result in enormous operational costs, and in case you need to cut down on your projects, it will be difficult to keep them on the payroll when there is hardly anything for them to do. And this is where Ask Datatech data capture services come in.

Outsourcing data capture services to Ask Datatech will free you from the arduous task of extracting important data from documents plus forms with multiple and complicated fields.

Why outsource to us?

At Ask Datatech, we understand the extreme importance of data and use the industry’s finest standards to guarantee our clients 100% data security. We have been in the industry for over a decade and our data capture outsourcing services have been recognized globally with our clients drawn from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and many other countries – thanks to our combined expertise coupled with unrivaled quality of more than 99.5% accuracy and fast turnaround time.

Advantages of outsourcing Ask Datatech data capture services:

  • The data capture process is managed by a highly experienced team of specialists
  • Dependable and high-tech techniques to capture data
  • We offer the best pricing rates compared with others in the industry
  • We offer bespoke data capture services that work for your business
  • You will be able to make the right, informed decisions using the right data
  • You can simply upscale or cut back on your projects to match your business needs
  • You will enjoy hitch-free business operations using professionally captured, right, indexed and organized data
  • 100% security and safety of your data guaranteed
  • Unrivaled customer service

Data is extracted from diverse sources such as hand-written documents including the following:

  • Scanned invoices
  • Applications
  • Bills
  • Business cards
  • Charts
  • Cheques
  • Directories
  • Graphs
  • Health records
  • Photographs
  • Research forms
  • Survey forms
  • Questionnaire
  • Insurance Form

We specialize in all types of data capture and we can handle high volume projects. We use an assortment of techniques to satisfy your data capture needs efficiently. Our data capture experts who are top in the field perform the techniques shown below:

  • Batch keying
  • Long-range & short-range scanning
  • Linear imagers
  • Linear imaging
  • 2D area imagers
  • RF tagging
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Magnetic recordings
  • ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition)
  • Tally charts

Our highly competent team of experts extracts data from document formats like text, Excel, PDF, Tiff and image among others. They compile the captured information in Excel spreadsheets or enter it either into CRMs or any other related software.

Ask Datatech data capture experts are among the best trained available. They distinguish themselves by their ability to think unconventionally as well as come up with data capture solutions that match your requirements. Before embarking on a project, our team carefully studies it and it is only after they fully understand all its requirements that they start working on it.

Contact Ask Datatech today to experience the finest in the data capture domain.