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Web Scrapping

Web Scrapping is all about collecting all the information you wish to have within your hold from the internet resource. It is all about looking for, collecting and collating data that is relevant to your business from the websites across the globe. Companies make use of data that has not been organized and organize it so that they can use it for the growth of their enterprises, online and offline. Web scraping is a common practice in modern day business. Companies are competing for the same resources and using them differently. How you scrap the web depends on both your interest and your experience. The overall goal of web scrapping is to add value to your business. While at the onset of the internet, it was relatively easy to create and even consume the data on websites, it has become increasing difficult to muddle through the murk and mud that the world wide web is, and still come up with anything of value.

Why Outsourcing your data scrapping partner is the best choice for your business now

The number of web pages on the internet is so great. In fact, there is another web page being launched as we whine away for the good old days. Thus, the only way to survive under the circumstances is to find a way of moving through the rubble of information that the internet generates, and organizing the relevant data so that it can be handy for business consumption. Since the majority of the information we access over the internet is not refined, we, thus need a reliable partner such as Ask Datatech to sort the data for us and only present to us what we deem necessary. It takes experience, focus and dedication to achieve such an end.

What We Offer

The term Web scrapping is commonly interchanged with data extraction. It is through web scrapping that we manage to get such data in usable order. It is through web scrapping that many apps and devices can use the same for various business purposes.

Aspects of Web Scrapping

It is important to have an automated web scrapping system. Such a system enables the company to collate large amounts of data within a short time. There is, of course, the redundant option of collecting all the information and pasting it in a spreadsheet such as Excel and using even more hours trying to format. If you opt for such a method, data scrapping will yield the outcome that you expect.


Crawling originates from the data source and moves by way of screening the web pages and sites for related links that bear the characteristics of the source data. Indeed, crawling can be compared to how you search the internet for information by browsing. Once the crawler finds the relevant information, it notifies the search engine, which directs its signals to the same for display.

The Scrapping Process

The scrapping stage involves collecting the actual data found from the web sites identified by the web crawlers. If the scrapping is done directly by a human being, it would be similar to copying and pasting it where is can be accessed, even offline.


It involves sorting the data and only focusing on the parts that will match your interest and your business objectives. Extraction could be about recording names, contacts, job details, details audios, still images and videos or even about pricing.


The formatting process is the last stage in the web scrapping process. It involves putting the data in the format and style that can be used. It is about making the data readily useful to the consumer. It has to take a form that the consumer will understand. Data formatting forms include XML, CSV and JSON.


Once the data has been taken through the requisite processes, it is ready for consumption by the consumer; after all, the web scrapping activities are aimed at achieving a specific objective. We can either store the data in online resource points such as Drop Box, Google cloud or even on Amazon. The method used for exportation is always agreed to by the stake holders.

Homing Your Services

It is apparent that Web Scrapping is what you need if you are a progressive business that seeks to announce its presence on the market. Ask Datatech offers you a chance to not only cut costs but also to boost your profits with scrapping services. We provide you with free access of up to 8 hours if you are joining us for the first time. We also give you friendly customer service that runs every day through the year. Ask us for your web scrapping, data entry, conversion and many more data related tasks, and we shall deliver. We are an ISO certified company with quality guarantees and timely deliveries of your projects. In addition, our privacy policy helps to protect your data against unauthorized access.

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