Why Us?

With a load of options available to cater you back office and information technology related needs, why should you consider Askdatatech? It’s obviously a genuine question you may have in your mind.

Our portfolios showcasing the perfection in our services back us to compete with the rest of services providers worldwide. We have been serving clients locally as well as globally since last 10 years and we have clients from almost every nook and corner of the world. The back office services have nowadays become one of the most indispensable and fundamental internal functions of every form of business. It is vital that you rely only on the best service providers so that the competence and performance standard is boosted to greater levels.

Askdatatech offers wide range of back office services which are equivalent to the global standards as far as accuracy and efficiency is considered. Our services are available at reasonable rates and thus business belonging to almost any category can pleasurably hire us. Each professional we have is well trained and specialized in specific areas. We believe that success never has any shortcuts and our business processes are tailor-made to meet aptly the exact requirements of the clients. Askdatatech very well understands that the client is the best person who knows his actual needs. So in the beginning itself, the entire input is collected from the client and usually we prepare a documentation of it. Even after that a highly functional communication channel is setup and opinions of the clients are treated with due respect. Our professionals even put forward their own ideas for the betterment of your project. After accepting your project we divide it into some easily and effectively manageable sections. Each section is assigned only to the professionals who are experienced and efficient in that particular area. Each team we make is a mix where experience and expertise are in an optimal ratio. We also use some standard benchmarking techniques by which we pause for a while and evaluate our progress. Thus we analyze our progress and whether we are moving in the proper direction.

Next advantage you can enjoy working with Askdatatech is always being aware of the progress of your project. We maintain high transparency in our work to the clients. You will be intimated about the progress of work and also you can enjoy the privilege of interfering and putting forward your suggestions and ideas at any phase of the project. If your ideas are feasible and genuine ones, we never hesitate to embed them into the running project. Our customer service team is greatly motivated to deal with every type of customers. They are available for your assistance all day and night. The professionals in customer service section are always ready to alleviate your concern and answer your queries not matter how complex they are.

Above all we believe in building and maintaining long lasting relationships with our clients. Askdatatech maintains your confidential data completely secure and we promise that trusting us will never make you repent in future. Investment in us will surely be worthy and bring to you fruitful results which you will witness in the increase in productivity of your business.

Advantages of Offshore India

Our client base keeps on extending with each passing day. Till now we have delivered hundreds of projects successfully to clients all around the globe. We here at Askdatatech have a highly skilled team offering you the most flexible and reasonably priced services. By outsourcing your burden to a skillful offshore service provider like us, you can easily accomplish your projects without recruiting any permanent or temporary staff. Our location is in Ahmadabad, one of the most supporting grounds for business ventures. So, as per the project load we can scale to any needed level for meeting the client demands.

Our Global Reach

Nowadays there are not any barriers based on geographical boundaries. If you are skilled, you can reach any part of the world via internet. Askdatatech keeps on trying to make its services available all around the world. Till now we have served the clients from United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, Germany, Canada, France, Spain and Netherlands.

Technology and Security

We use the most modern and highly effective tools and techniques for carrying out the projects. Askdatatech very well knows that how important it is to maintain the confidentiality of your data and keeping it secure. All your necessary information is treated with apex care and best among the information protection tools are used. We offer utmost security and the optimal use of apt technology helps us to keep you always on the safe zone.