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Outsource Excel/PDF Data Entry

If you have ever tried to enter data into Microsoft Excel then you know how tedious and time consuming this task can be. Don’t waste your valuable time doing this yourself when you can outsource your back office work to an expert in the industry such as Ask Datatech. Not only can we free up your valuable time so that you can handle more important tasks, the cost for this service is far less than you may think. Outsource Excel data entry services are just a few of the many data entry tasks that the professionals at Ask Datatech can help you with.

We have the experience and expertise needed to perform all of your Excel data entry services for you regardless of what sector or type of business that you are in. Our data entry team will use only the latest technologies so you experience fast, efficient and accurate Excel data entry services when you choose Ask Datatech. When you choose us for your Excel data entry outsourcing needs you can be sure that you will be treated in a friendly and professional manner throughout the process and receive regular updates on the progress of your project.

Excel Data Entry Services we offer are:

  • Account Related Excel Data Entry
  • Number Related Excel Data Entry
  • Excel Data Entry from handwritten documents
  • Excel Data Entry from Printouts
  • Excel Data Entry from Directories
  • Excel Data Entry from E-Directories
  • Excel Data Entry from magazines
  • Excel Data Entry from eBooks/Books
  • Excel Data Entry from Databases
  • Audio Data Entry into Excel
  • Image Data Entry into Excel
  • Convert PDF file to Excel, Access…etc..

All data supplied to use by you to be entered into Excel is first compared for the existence of mismatched and duplicate files. Not only this, we always create multiple backup files as well, so all data you provide us with for Excel data entry services is always safe and secure. By doing a macro based comparison we will identify and rectify the mismatches to ensure that the final project is 99.9% accurate and without errors.

The professionals at Ask Datatech are here to help you convert your hard copy documents into accurate editable documents in Excel format. Better yet, we can provide you with your final document in a variety of formats such as email, CDW, CD of FTP; whichever you prefer. If you have any questions about our Excel data entry services please feel free to email us at

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